James Bond 007 Cult Art

James Bond 007 Cult Art
Posted on: April 27th, 2013

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Since his creation in 1953 by writer Ian Fleming, Her Majesty’s finest Secret Agent – James Bond: 007 has been popping off bad guys like it ain’t no thang, making a tux look better than you ever could and getting ladies wetter than November while chain smoking, drinking martinis and winning at poker.

He’s basically the ultimate man’s man, ladies man and in essence ‘The Man’, made all the more evident by the fact that he’s been going since Sean Connery strapped on a bow tie in 1962 for Dr. No and is still sporting one 50 years later under a different wearer since Daniel Craig debuted in Casino Royale (see Top Casino Movies)  and continues as Bond in last years Skyfall.

Nothing can remain that prolific if unloved, and Bond for all his hinted at underlying sexism and chauvinistic posturing 50 years, 7 actors and about 90 odd Bond girls (in the films at least) later, still makes blokes go ‘fuck yeah’ every time he unzips an hour glass bod from a little black dress or makes the girls go ‘phwoooar’ when he strides out of the ocean with a glistening six pack and a gym sock down his speedo.

It helps that he’s smooth as a bar of galaxy and could kill you with a glance if he stared hard enough. What a bloody legend.

Here’s some art below to celebrate the man, the myth, the legend that is James Bond 007:










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