CULT ART: Lora Zombie’s Depressed Superheroes: The Angst Filled Life Of A Hero

depressive flash by lora zombie
Posted on: November 20th, 2012

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Having to save the planet, city, friends and family from constant attacks and nefarious villainous plans on a daily basis can be (I imagine) super taxing. From time to time it has to cut into your it’s “all sunshine and flowers” kind of mood that you usually float around in. I mean, what other kind of mood is there when you are fighting crime and taking down bad guys by the truckload?

The grind of hero work will eventually break you down into a depressive state where literally (if you are Superman) the weight of the world could quite possibly rest on your shoulders. A ton of psychological studies (all conducted in my personal lab/kitchen) have proved that being a superhero on call 24 hours a day, can have a serious effect on your mental state, which basically means – sometimes you get a bit mental and need the kind of quiet time that involves rocking backwards and forwards in the corner of a room (straight jacket optional).

But don’t worry these superheroes never stay “unwell” for long. Especially as they have an excellent doctor in their respective corners to help them…


harley quinn.

Artist extraordinaire Lora Zombie (who I previously wrote about here) has captured some of our favourite heroes in the throes of an off day.

Her trademark deliberate splatter technique, mixed in with her expertly drawn clean lines and beautiful wash of watercolours give these heroes real depth. The bright colours boldly accentuating their misery and making the images delightfully irresistible.

You can check out Lora Zombie’s site for more of her art here and you can buy prints of her work here.


depressed batman

depressed flash

depressed superman


What other heroes would you like to see depicted like this? Do you like Lora Zombie’s style? Sound off in the comments.

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