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A Nerd Abroad
Posted on: March 8th, 2013

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A Nerd Abroad Are The Travelogues Of BAD HAVEN’s dedicated Cruise Ship resident James Randall Coath, in his continuing quest to find Nerdy s**t in the multitudes of different countries he’s been visiting. Below are his findings so far:

Having made the decision to go back to the maritime lifestyle and return to work on cruise ships, I realised that once again I was going to have make a lot of sacrifices. Two of the biggest were the inability to pop down to Forbidden Planet every week to pick up my comics and not being able to get to the cinema as soon as some epic new movie is released (oh and of course missing friends and family)!!!

However, this got me thinking. If I’m going to be getting paid to travel the world then I might as well use this time to look into what the nerd culture is like in other parts of the world.
So for this contract on board the lovely Serenade of the Seas, I am going to be covering Spain, France, Italy, Egypt, Oman, Abu Dabi and Dubai. Hopefully this will lend some insight into the trends of our comic book, movie and TV culture in other parts of the world. The search is on…………


Part 1:

My search begins (Cadiz, Spain)



Cadiz, Spain was where we spent the better part of 3 weeks in Dry Dock so the ship could be given a revitalisation. So with no guests on board and no shows in the theatre, the day lent itself to much searching and wondering around the area, enjoying the good food and drinking copious amounts of the local beer.

The TV and Movies in Spain are pretty much the same as everything that we know and love in the UK, just dubbed over in Spanish. It is rather entertaining to watch Supernatural in Spanish, as it makes the arguments between Sam and Dean so much more energised and absurd. One particularly great thing about Spain is that they absolutely love MacGuyver and Stargate SG1, apparently the Spanish have bit of a thing for Richard Dean Anderson. Needless to say that the bad dubbing and the language itself make it that little bit more entertaining as in Spanish Carter sounds incredibly bossy and O’Neil sounds mentally retarded.

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