8.8 Million Volt Ninja Sword! A.K.A. A Horrible Death In The Wrong Hands

Lazer Ninja Sword
Posted on: January 31st, 2013

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Below we have a vid of what I’m forced to consider as one of the most deadly looking things I’ve seen lately: An 8.8 Million Volt Shock Mod Ninja Sword built by Youtuber GreekGadgetGuru, a man who’s not stranger to making absolutely deadly weapons based on whatever game he’s taken inspiration from.

According to GreekGadgetGuru he’s strapped two identical ninja swords to each other, that you can run electricity through via a taser on the end, which he’s working on running through a press of the handle.

Now really, I wouldn’t much fancy being the burglar who decides to take a rummage round this chaps house, lest I end up deep fried with a twin pronged feudal era Japanese weapon spitting sparks up my anus. Goddamn!

Source: Geekologie via ObviousWinner

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  • Anon

    Where is the site to buy the sword?