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8 TV/Movie Spin-Offs The Networks Need To Make Happen

Spin-offs are hot business right now. Better Call Saul will continue to bring AMC its fix of bad suits and worse legal practices once Breaking Bad finishes, and JK Rowling is returning to the Harry... more

Transformers: Regeneration One #0 Review

Synopsis: 'LESS THAN ZERO' : Plunged into the swirling vortex of 'Zero' by Primus, can Hot Rod discover the threat to the Transformers' universe before it's too late..? Writer: Simon... more

7 Horror Movies You Can Legally Stream For Free

If the only thing you find scarier than a good horror movie is the thought of the online-piracy police knocking on your door, then you'll be glad to find that there are plenty of frights to be had... more

10 Sci-Fi Technologies That Are Actually Happening

USS_Enterprise_(alternate_reality)_at_warp (1)
Science fiction has produced many worlds that might be seen as predictions of the way technology and society could develop in our own lives, from the machines dreamed up by novelists like H.G. Wells... more

6 Movie Monsters Who Turned Out To Be The Films Hero

The Monster Squad
This is an article that’s not going to please everybody. Hell, I’m not too pleased with it, because some of my favourite movie monsters couldn’t make the cut (next time Balrog!). The thing is,... more

7 Reasons Riddick Is The Most Bad-Ass Anti-Hero

Let's face it, Riddick is one of the greatest bad-ass anti-heros of all time. But what makes him stand out so much in comparison with his anti-hero peers? Is it his indomitable will? His... more

Nerd Girls: How To Get That Wonder Woman Look

With Halloween fast approaching, my social media feeds are exploding with excited gore enthusiasts sharing ideas and starting to prep for the big day. Much as Halloween is an excuse for a lot of... more

12 Reasons Why Robocop Is A Work Of Cinematic Genius

Robocop = legend
7BAMP56TNJHB During my time as a single man and going out on dates with women the topic of film inevitably arose; in particular favourite movies. As a bit a film connoisseur this becomes the... more

The Walking Dead Series 3 On DVD. But Is It Redemption After S2?

The sea-change that has affected television over the last few years has been felt in unexpected places. From the homes of you the viewer, all the way to the pockets of the people who run the networks... more

6 Reasons TV Is Creating Better, More Creative Entertainment Than Film

The idea that TV is overtaking film as a creative medium has been around since the 90's, but although the small screen has been producing some interesting and original series for many years, it is... more

8 Superheroes Who Became Terrifying Bad-Asses After Death

In the world of superheroes it a good rule of thumb that if you don't see the corpse then the hero ain't dead. Even when you do see their charred remains being weeped over by their broken hearted... more

Why Ben Affleck Doesn’t Fit Batman

Gotham City
We're always keen to hear different opinions on current events in the movie world. We've previously covered why people need to chill out over the new Batman announcement, but we thought the opposite... more

10 Sci-Fi/Superhero Fan Films That Outshine Hollywood

10 Sci-Fi/Superhero Fan Films That Outshine Hollywood
When you hear the term 'fan film' most people are immediately stricken by the idea that is the prevailing stereotype; a few brief scenes of grimly shot, badly scripted and poorly acted 'fan worship'... more

Nerd Girls: How To Get That Catwoman Look

In recent years the rise of the nerd has developed at the speed of light. Big spell-binding fantasy epics like Lord of the Rings have been turned into huge movies. With the literary magic springing... more

6 Superhero Weapons That Qualify As ‘Weapons Of Mass Destruction’

6 superhero weapons that qualify as wmds
There are some insanely cool weapons and gadgets that have been created within the Superhero genre that every single one of us would love to get our hands on if they actually existed. However no... more

Why Geeks are Good Gamblers

There are certain skills that will serve you well when you are gambling. Of course there is an element of luck involved – but there are betting odds for good reason. The ability to analyse data... more

Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye #20 Review

Writer: James Roberts Art: Alex Milne (Lines), Brian Shearer (Inks), Josh Burcham, John-Paul Bove (Colours) 'Remain in Light Part 4 - Arm The Lonely'  Synopsis: Filling in the blanks -... more

Transformers: Regeneration One #94 Review

DESTINY PART 4 Writer: Simon Furman Art: Guido Guidi (Lines) Stephen Baskerville (Inks) John-Paul Bove (Colours)   Synopsis: Galvatron vs Ultra Magnus - nuff said?! Review: For... more