Next Gen Consoles PS4: Rumours – Leaks and Nerdgasms

Posted on: January 29th, 2013

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Part 2: PlaystationPS4ORBISoverthemoonuniverse

As I discussed in my last article on the new Xbox, this year is set to be a big year for consoles. Let’s get stuck in!

The new Playstation is one of the two big names that is due to hit stores by Christmas this year. It’s predecessor the PS3 has sold 77 million unit since release, and we can only presume that the PS4 will aim for those kind of numbers through the next generation of consoles.



Sony’s next gen console has been named the Playstation 4 by fans for years now, everyone presuming the Japanese super-company will continue along those lines to keep things simple. They have nicknamed the Project ‘Orbis’ themselves, much like Microsoft’s ‘Durango’ aka Xbox 720 project. What the name will be for sure, no one really knows. A lot of ideas have been thrown around online, most of them absolutely ridiculous.

Recently pointed out that the ‘Orbis’, alongside the Playstation Vita translates loosely to ‘the Circle of Life’. This could well be coincidence, as I’m pretty sure most 11-15 years olds who want to play Call of Duty all day aren’t going to appreciate, or even notice such sweet little word play.



There have been many concepts and designs ‘leaked’ to the online media, causing mini-frenzies to break out all over the world. Unlike the Xbox, there are far fewer ‘HOSHITWTFISTHAT!?’ concepts out there, probably hinting that Xbox gamers have far more free time on their hands.

Yes yes, this is a truly terrible image. But looks interesting all the same. Not completely out there like some ‘Xbox football’ designs. Sleek, smooth, eye-catching, but not what I would personally want from my new console.

Fugly is the first word that comes to mind, yet still this console seems to get a lot of airtime online. People seem to enjoy the totally out there designs often, but the fact of the matter is, the people that aren’t waiting for this console avidly (but will buy one when it arrives), are the main market for the console. Don’t expect anything that gives off a ‘Did a blind man design that’ vibe.

Hmm, actually not bad. This model has also been made in black, but I’ve used this one to show you what appears to be a horrible vent system on the top face. It doesn’t show up as much on the black, but could well be a link to the stories of overheating we’ve been hearing.


Now that is what I’m talking about! That is some serious Sony tech right there! Hell, I’m not a PS kind of guy (excluding the Final Fantasy series), but if they brought that out I would buy it!

This image has caused a lot of chat online, and even in the press. It SCREAMS ‘Orbis’, looks stunning, but, and it is a HUGE but, DO WE HAVE THE TECHNOLOGY?! I couldn’t tell you. Sending signals through glass, or whatever glass substitute that is? I really don’t know, but I tell you what, I bloody hope we do.


Hell, after the image above, if my controller isn’t on a glass plate, I’m probably going to be disappointed. Anyway, there have been some controller ideas kicking around. Many based around the idea of having a screen on the controller, but no where near as many as the Xbox. There is a reason for this.

It is rumoured that the new ‘Orbis’ console will be coming with some boring, bog standard controller. There might be a screen, there might not be. But for those out there with a Playstation Vita, you’re rumoured to be in for a treat.

The Vita is rumoured to be the new controller for the console, or at least have a very interactive integration with the PS4.
As we all know, the Vita is a lovely bit of kit. A damn good hand-held, by anyone’s standards. Problem is, it is rumoured to be failing. Thanks Mobile gaming. People don’t want to buy a Vita, or a wii U, or a 3DS, they have smart phones, with ALL THE GAMES. And that’s great, but it’s killing hand-helds. What’s a Japanese super-corporation to do?

THIS IS A RUMOUR! Yes, rumour, don’t jump down my throat. It is rumoured that the new PS4 controller will be a Vita. It won’t have all the tech that the vita has, but it will have a lot of it. This could be a really good move for Microsoft. All those 12 year olds on Black Ops 2 getting in a tantrum and throwing their controllers, imagine the sales on the vita if it were the only controller for the PS4? I can see the dollar signs flashing in the eyes of Sony’s board already. Money grabbing gits.


This is a disappointing section of the article for sure, because in the English speaking world we haven’t a clue what kind of features the new PS4 is going to hit us with. Unlike Microsoft, Sony don’t have the same mass following in the online world. Well, maybe in Japan they do, but I’m not fluent in Japanese, so I can’t help you. Sumimasen!

We don’t know much, but these are possibilities.

4k resolution:

Sony, along with every other developer of TVs are currently working on the release of their new 4k resolution Ultra High Definition (UHD) Televisions. At the moment, these TVs aren’t going to be for your average living room, but will cater to the rich and famous. But in 5 years time, you might be able to expect them in most living rooms. It might be a future release of the PS4 that supports these systems.

Disc tagging:

This is a feature that acts like a serial code for a disc, meaning that once the disc is played on a console, it is tagged as used and can’t be used else where. OH SHIT, yeah, no pre-owned games, no lending to friends, no renting. Scary thoughts, I know.

Analysts on this subject have said that this system will probably not be in use, but Sony have filed the patents, so anything could happen.

No more dual shock:

Dual shock has been a major part of the PS experience for years. Sources claim that the new controllers will no longer have dual shock and will introduce a new biometric sensor system and LCD touch screen, much like the Vita. Or, as rumoured, just make the vita the controller.

Like I said, disappointing, but everyone is keeping quiet. Maybe the next generation of consoles is likely to be dominated by Microsoft after all…

The tech-y bit

This is where the PS4 is starting to look good in my opinion. Rumours, sources, and supposed ‘leaks’ are making the new console look like a seriously powerful bit of kit.

The latest specs, appearing online but days ago show the new console packing a major punch graphically, and at Bill Gates’ face.

System Memory: 8GB On par with the new Xbox. Beforehand the Orbis was rumoured to only have 4GB, but they appear to have packed that out with these latest numbers.
Video Memory: 2.2GB Impressive numbers. Still way under your PC systems, but enough to make this a good next gen console in like with the:
GPU: AMD R10xx There’s enough kick in this graphics processing unit to make this competitive for sure.

CPU: 4x Dual-Core AMD64 “Bulldozer” (so. 8x cores) A fairly good spec CPU. For those of you not savvy with tech specs, this CPU is less powerful that my near top end CPU that I’ve had for 18 months. As far as consoles go though, its capable for sure.
Ports: 4x USB 3.0 2X Ethernet
Drive: Blu-Ray
HDD: 160 GB
Audio Output: HDMI & Optical, 2.0, 5.1 & 7.1 channels

The above are all pretty standard. It’s shaping up to be a powerful console for sure, possibly capable of pulling Sony out of the pit they have fallen into. I hope so anyway, I like the competition between our top console producers, it’s healthy for the industry.


Now, this is where Sony always seem to slip up. Hell, they’re Sony, why not overcharge for a massive profit margin on your products?

It is almost guaranteed that the new PS4 will be about $50, or 25 quid more expensive than the new Xbox. It’s not too much, keeping Playstation lovers from not converting to the Xbox, but it’s not the same price, because Sony want your money. And then some more of your money. I would expect the PS4 to launch at a cost of around £300. Analysts are placing the figures above and beyond that, and all the way down as low as £200. I can’t see it.

Release Date

Much the same as the Xbox, the PS4 is likely to be unveiled at some kind of massive event. The obvious choice would be E3, but with the chance that Microsoft might release then, they may well unveil at an event before June, allowing the hype to build, before letting developers and press get their hands on it at E3.

As far as release is concerned, a pre-Christmas launch is to be expected. October, November, or at the latest December. There have been overheating rumours kicking around for months, so it could be as late as December, and even with some limited stock issues if the rumours are true.

The Orbis, and I do like that name, and hope they keep it, looks to be an impressive machine for sure. I would like to see it succeed, although as you may have guessed from this article, I won’t be buying one. PC GAMER 4 LYF, yo. 

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  • Nashua

    Fugly? I’m loving that second design! Looks like it came straight from a space station, though if they were to incorporate that design with transparent screens, my final fantasy… fantasy, would finally be realised. The technology does exist by the way, it popped up in a “primitive” form about 5 years ago from a South Korean lab, and Samsung came up with a transparent 1080p screen 2 years ago.
    Does make me wonder if Sony are going for a more sophisticated design, to cater towards those who have a sense of value enough to be trusted with a fragile looking console, as opposed to a child safe toy.
    Interesting read =) I’ll stick to my tank of a pc for now, would take something else to pull me away from it, good *ported* HD remakes of final fantasy please…

    • Connor

      That’s interesting stuff! I should think such things are years away yet though, as making thema affordable for the masses isn’t an overnight deal.

      And yes, HD remakes of the FInal Fantasy series? I’d pay whatever they asked for this console.