Real Life HALO Warthog For Sale.

real life halo warthog replica
Posted on: December 4th, 2012

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Ever wanted to travel in style? Ever been stuck in traffic and wished that you were in a Halo style Warthog complete with a rear mounted turret (which people may just get out of the way for)? Ever secretly wished you were in fact Master Chief and the fate of the world rested on your MJOLNIR encased shoulders? If so then you may have some serious issues but at least you’re in luck. Halo fan Peter Cooper has built a full scale Halo Warthog replica to use in a fan made Halo film called ‘Operation Chastity‘(and you can see how he made it by visiting the ‘Operation Chastity’ website) and is now selling it.

Unfortunately there’s no price listed and I’m pretty sure the measly pittance I have saved won’t quite cover it but how cool would it be to own your very own Warthog?  I’d spend all day driving around with the Halo music blasting out of the speakers and screaming “I need a weapon” to every passerby I saw.

Here’s Peter’s tweet about selling his beloved replica Warthog. If you’re interested I’d say make an offer pretty quick as I don’t see this staying on the shelf for too long.

Any other gaming vehicles you’d think would be great to own in real life? Thinking of putting a bid in for the Warthog? Let us know in the comments section.


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