PLAYSTATION 4 JUST GOT REAL: PS4 Unveiling Date, 20 Days To Go

Playstation Unveiling
Posted on: February 1st, 2013

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Sony have just released a small teaser trailer for an upcoming press event on the 20th Feburary 2013, most likely an unveiling of the PS4.

Hash tagged on Youtube as #Playstation2013 and named ‘See The Future’ on an the Playstation Blog, the 45 second teaser shows a variety of swirling playstation shapes and a date; FEB 20th 2013. This date is said to be the unveiling and press conference date, which will be an invite only event for developers, backers and most likely select press. I should think the event will either go live online, or be available shortly after the event.

The rumoured PS4 video isn’t letting much on, but all the analysts are in agreement that Sony will unveil the new console.

Want to know more about the rumours surrounding the new PS4 console? Want to play catch up on the years of speculation that have been leading up to this moment? Check out our feature on the the PS4, or ORBIS console and let us know what you think in the comment section below.

Excited? I know I am! I may be a PC/Xbox kind of guy, but an apple-style press event about anything gets me excited, but the PS4 is the first major console release in 6 years. That’s a big deal.

20 days and counting.

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