7 Amazing Point And Click Adventure Games That Time Forgot

Posted on: February 21st, 2012

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In light of the recent and joy inducing news that Tim Schafer has used the website Kickstarter to fund the production of a new point-and-click style adventure game, I thought it would be prudent to look back over the gems of this, the most story-orientated genre and fire up my nostalgia muscles and hope glands in anticipation of what the wonderful and no doubt hilarious product of this glorious happenstance will be.

Many of these games are direct Tim Schafer creations and therefore perfect. Some of them may be viewed through the rose-tinted glasses of my nostalgia, but all of them are worth a look and I would recommend doing your best to track these down and play each and every one. In fact, I don’t just recommend it, I damn well order it!

Every single one of these games has a special place in my withered little heart and so they should in yours. No argument will be accepted or tolerated!

7. The Secret Of Monkey Island

Okay, I can hear your patronizing sigh and I am well aware that this is an obvious one. But it’s not just that it’s obvious, it’s also the most important. Up to this point in adventure games the puzzles contained in them where infuriatingly complex or ridiculously tenuious in their solutions.

Monkey Island, despite all of its oddity and surrealism and the rubber-chicken-with-a-pulley-in-the-middle, made a lot more sense. It was the first one of these games I manage to slog through to the end. Every single adventure game to come after would use this as it’s benchmark. and not just because most of them were from the same developer. This is also the first time most people would have seen and taken note of the name Tim Schafer, as this was much more accessible and user friendly than Maniac Mansion, though that game would spawn an excellent sequel and… well, I’ll get to that. Did I mention that I love Tim Schafer?

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  • In_a_maze_of_twisty_passages

    A couple of other graphic adventures that seem to be (even more) overlooked than these:

    Cruise for a corpse – delphine’s graphic adventure crime investigation on a victorian cruise ship

    Sanitarium – You play a mental patient, and the storyline leads you gradually down into the character’s madness, it’s a seriously unnerving game to play