PUNK SUPER MARIO Bros. Never Mind The Blocks Art

Super Mario Bros Fan Art Punk Style
Posted on: February 8th, 2013

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Super Mario is best known as plumbing hero of the Mushroom Kingdom and perpetual savior of the continually kidnapped Princess Peach, by Bowser; a massive, evil turtle b@stard of some kind with a penchant for fascism and kidnap.

Enter pop artist Billy Butcher and his Sex Pistols styled take on the iconic Nintendo games character, and what you have is less Mario and Peach and more Sid and Nancy, as the mushroom gobbling plumber takes on a lawry punk identity along with his nemesis Boswer, who’s now very human, and very punk.

I sense this version of Punk Super Mario would be more likely to smoke pipes than go down them and inclined to gob on turtle shells, get high on Mushrooms and might save Princess Peach, if only to end her fascist regime.

Anarchy in the MK.

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