Prepare For A Gamer War: Housewives Are Coming!

Posted on: March 5th, 2013

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Is Farmville the new hardcore game? It might not be that ridiculous to consider, according to the 2012 Entertainment Software Association numbers. Prepare to have your stereotypes challenged. The days of the prepubescent, angry male gamer are behind us. Although the media and public sentiment may refuse to acknowledge it, that doesn’t change what the numbers say about who is gaming and what they’re playing.

Women Gamers? Say What?

Although the stereotypical gamer is male and in their teens, the ESA numbers put the average gamer at 30 years old, much older than a sampling of Xbox live would suggest. Consumers who originally drove the video game industry are still the ones who make up the median, average gamer. Those gamers who saved up and bought the first Atari or Nintendo have never put them down.



That isn’t the only surprising piece of data in the ESA report. Women are now 47 percent of the gaming population, almost close enough to call it an even split between men and women, and when you look at who actually buys the game, the divide gets even smaller. Women over the age of 18 make up a larger percentage of gamers than males under 17, who are still the image conjured up when anyone talks about gamers.

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  • tubchutney

    If you consider farmville players “gamers” then maybe you should just deactivate this “geek” blog now. That’s just absurd. Not to mention the fact that those people are still not an interesting demographic to people who produce actual full budget titles.

    • tubchutneyisadick


    • tubchutney

      Did you read the article? I don’t care who calls themselves whatever. But the effect of farmville players on the state of gaming as a whole is basically negligible. They’re totally different spaces. The point that the article makes is just plain wrong. And even if it was correct, why call it a war?

      Thanks for over-reacting and insulting me though.