10 Villains We Want To See In ‘Batman: Arkham Origins’

10 Villains Fans Want To See In Batman Arkham Origins
Posted on: August 19th, 2013

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The Batman Arkham series has been credited as the best Batman game series ever made. Rocksteady studios did what no one thought was possible: create a good 3D Batman game. The Batman series has been filled with mediocre entries like Batman Begins and atrocious games like Batman: Dark Tomorrow.





After numerous games, it seemed like all hope was lost for the Dark Knight, until 2009 when Rocksteady released Batman: Arkham Asylum. For the first time in a game, you felt like Batman. Players had access to all of Batman’s arsenal like batarangs and the grappler hook. Batman could stalk enemies and take down entire rooms in a matter of minutes. Rocksteady did a fantastic job, they even went as far as to get Mark Hamill and Kevin Conroy who played the Joker and Batman in Batman: The Animated Series respectively.

In 2011 Rocksteady topped itself with the release of my favorite entry in the series: Batman: Arkham City. Now with Batman: Arkham Origins coming out, I thought that I would list the top ten villains I want to see. Most of the good Batman baddies have already been features in the previous games so this list won’t contain any really famous villains. These are criminals I believe did not get enough spotlight in the series.

10. Anarky





Anarky is a troubled young teen by the name of Lonnie Machin. He’s not a major villain and is rarely a nuisance which is why he’s so low on the list. He’s an arrogant, self-righteous eco-terrorist who is willing to commit large-scale acts of terrorism to save the earth from pollution.

Imagine a mission where Anarky has planted bombs on warehouses and industry plants forcing Batman to defuse them before time ran out. If Batman failed, the bombs would destroy the buildings, changing the world map permanently.

Global warming is a big issue right now so this would be the perfect opportunity for Anarky to make his appearance.


9. Doodle Bug


batman doodlebug



If you read Arkham Asylum: Living Hell you know who this man is. He’s an artist who kills people, carves symbols into their body, and uses their blood to paint the city walls of Gotham. Doodle Bug has a morbid fascination with the occult and often uses satanic symbols in his art and victims.

This would be a great mission for the game, tracking down Doodlebug by finding his “paintings.” In the comics he dies a horrible death but he’s not the first villain to make a comeback from the dead.


8. Jane Doe


batman jane doe



Another deranged character from Arkham Asylum: Living Hell. I’m aware that I am taking a few villains from the comic but keep in mind that the games were largely inspired by this graphic novel. Jane Doe is a young woman who kills people and takes their identity. She skins her victims and wears their skin over her own while she impersonates them.

In the comic, she steals the identity of Arkham psychiatrist Anne Carver but instead of escaping Arkham, she stays to treat the inmates. In Jane Doe’s mind, she becomes her victim.

This would be another great side quest where Batman could interact with someone he trusts for days before Jane reveals herself.


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