Double Dragon Fan Film: Ass Gets Kicked. HARD!

Posted on: March 19th, 2013

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Love arcade scrolling beat-em-up classic Double Dragon from ye olde days of late 80′s arcade gaming? Course you did! It was blooming fantastic. And while there was that ill fated movie a few years back, fan memories of whipping ass as Billy Lee and his twin bro Jimmy (in order to save the lovely Marian from the Shadow Warriors gang) in the Techn?s Japan original are largely fond ones.

Which is exactly why The Stunt People now bring you: a fan film of Double Dragon, one of the best beat em ups ever made. Many nods to Streets of Rage too.

Check this out below. It kicks all the ass:


Lucas Okuma as Iron Shirt, the one who takes the hits
Dennis Ruel as Tornado, the one who dodges
and Eric Jacobus as Eye Patch, the one who blocks!

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