The Dark Knight Inspiring: Why Sick Kids Are Safer In The Batcave

Posted on: July 15th, 2013

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The Christopher Nolan Batman series might be over, but the Dark Knight still holds power in the imagination of children and adults all over the world. Until the next Caped Crusader movie arrives, there are plenty of great Batman wonders available to keep fans busy.

No, you cannot purchase the original Batmobile at the Ford in Scottsdale, but that hasn’t prevented the iconic vehicle from making its presence known in the Phoenix area. This is thanks to the dedication of Charles Keller, a Phoenix resident committed to improving the lives of sick children living in and around his home turf.

Keller is responsible for the establishment of the Wayne Foundation, a charity that provides local children the ability to visit both Keller’s personal Batmobile and an inspiring replica of the Batcave. As if this weren’t enough, the Wayne Foundation further improves children’s lives by making a donation to two or more charities every time the Phoenix Batmobile or Batcave is visited by a child with special needs. So far, these visits have allowed for the contribution of over $200,000 to such charities as HopeKids and the Starlight Children’s Foundation, AZ Central reports.

The Batcave located in Phoenix is certainly an inspiring landmark, but it is just one of several remarkable Batcaves that have come to fruition over the years. The following are just a few of the additional Batcaves that, believe it or not, actually exist outside of the film franchise.


Chris Weir’s Delaware Batcave

Chris Weir has long considered himself a dedicated fan of Batman, but recently, the Delaware native had the opportunity to prove that fandom through the building of his own personal Batcave. The Batcave required an investment of $120,000 and two years of hard work. According to Weir, it was a worthy investment.

In fact, the ability to build the Batcave was chief on the list of Weir’s requirements when he was looking for a home a few years back. Finally finished, Weir’s Batcave includes an extensive collection of Batman memorabilia, as well as a hidden door that can be activated by a red button, a life-sized batsuit from the Dark Knight films and an impressive home theater where Weir enjoys watching (what else?) his favorite Batman classics.


Home Cinema Batcave

Watching the old Adam West series and Batman flicks like the “The Dark Knight Rises” is pretty entertaining already, but having that experience in an authentic Batcave environment—there’s no comparison. Built by Canadian-based Elite Home Theater Seating for a home in Greenwich, Connecticut, this Batcave cost its owners a pretty penny—nearly $2 million dollars, to be exact, according to Daily Mail. But with the presence of a 180 degree film screen, a Batmobile, winged gargoyles, batsuits and a stainless steel cylindrical elevator, the Batman fanatic who owns this home theater surely feels that it was worth every cent.

Whether intended as a means of helping children’s charities or simply for personal enjoyment, the creation of a Batcave requires a lot of hard work and dedication. But clearly, such individuals as Charles Keller and Chris Weir possess just that. Their achievements related to the building of impressive Batcaves show that, among movie fans, Batman still holds some of the best and brightest the world has to offer.

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