10 Best Sci-Fi Films Of The 1970′s

Posted on: October 7th, 2012

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Science-Fiction (‘Sci-Fi’) is hands-down my favourite genre of film. I love the fact that you can mix the genre with action, horror, comedy, romance and pretty much any sub-genre you can think of. It is a palate to be mixed with whatever you fancy and it is a genre that is always exciting whether it succeeds or fails in its cinematic endeavours because it always takes chances.

I love the fact that for the entirety of the movie you are taken on an adventure, be it a slow paced philosophical journey of contemplation (see Solaris as an example of this), a nail biting, heart pounding, ‘I am so wrapped up in this, I forgot to eat my snacks’ kind of deal (see Alien as an example of this), or an exhilarating, smiling too much my cheeks hurt, ‘someone get me a Lightsaber right now!’ kind  of ride (see Star Wars as an example of this).




As part of Sci-Fi Sunday, I have decided to take a look back at previous decades and share with you a few of my favourite films. Pretty much every decade have some cinematic gems, notably 1933’s King Kong, 1956’s Invasion of the Body Snatchers and 1968’s 2001: A Space Odyssey and the sexy camper than camp movie that is Barbarella (there are a ton more from later decades, which I will go into in future weeks).

That being said, I have decided to start with the 1970’s as I think it was a pretty good decade for sci-fi in all areas (film, books, TV and fashion). Film, especially, saw a bit of a resurgence  due to the world being whipped up into an excited frenzy over the manned mission to the moon in 1969, which whet the appetites of the masses for some sci-fi related hijinks and chicanery…and boy did the movie industry give them some.

There were so many really great films produced in the 1970’s and as I have decided to give you my top 10, rather than my top 50 or 100 (which I probably could if pressed) I think it would be remiss of me not to mention a few of the movies who almost made my list. So with that in mind, I’d like to give an honourable mention to:


island of dr moreau


The Island of Dr Moreau – One of the lovely Michael York’s finest and one of the most interestingly morally corrupt films I have seen. I really love this version over the two others (1932’s Island of Lost Souls and the horrendously awful 1996, Val Kilmer mistake).




Mad Max – A dystopic  action western that was a lot of fun. Plus it had Mel Gibson as an awesome action star with decade appropriate hair, before he became famous for ridiculous rants and bad movie choices.




Invasion of the Body Snatchers the 1978 version, which was pretty bad compared to the original but deserves a mention as it has the best ‘manly’ movie scream courtesy of Donald Sutherland.





and last but not least, Star Trek The Motion Picture: The first outing the of Enterprise onto the silver screen. This is worth a mention as it warp-speeded the franchise to a whole new level. Plus I thought it was pretty damn good.

So without further ado, I give you my Top 10 Sci-Fi Films of the 70’s and to give you a little taste of each one I have included their theatrical trailers. Next Sunday I tackle the 80’s…

Did your favourite make my list? Let me know in the comments section. 

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  • Zorrito Plateado

    Susy… what a list, totally the movies i would pick and yes yes yes, alien as the number one, a new hope as second just because the hit but alien was a major well made movie!!!!!!! please, marry me :) hahaha …you rocks!

  • http://www.facebook.com/Fix06 Mark McCann

    I fucking love this article more than most family members (but not my cats!)

    • susiemcbeth

      I am glad, it was a lot of fun writing it. There are so many great 70′s sci-fi movies, it was super hard to narrow it down to 10. I imagine nothing could better the love you have for your cats

      …next on my list is the decade of the Terminator :)