Is Kick-Ass 2 A Serious Let Down?

Kick Ass 2
Posted on: August 14th, 2013

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The first Kick-Ass film boasted a murderous 10 year old, a twisted sense of fun, a macabre vein of humour and buckets of violence. Kick-Ass 2 boasts… well, it still has the violence.

It seems mean-spirited to launch immediately into a vitriolic rant about the failings of this film, so let’s start with some positives. Jim Carrey, taking the ‘wacky celebrity cameo’ role over from Nicholas Cage, is excellent. He might be refusing to promote the film, but ironically he is one of the only actors (and characters) who are well-served by it. His performance is a little quirky, but actually more grounded than you may be expecting. His scenes are far better than the rest of the film.

Jim Carey in Kick Ass 2

Also grounding the film in something representing reality is John Leguizamo, classing up the joint as always as Chris D’Amico/The Motherfucker’s weary assistant/bodyguard, creating a nice little father-son repartee. Speaking of that particular twosome, Christopher Mintz-Plasse deserves plaudits as well, as a spoilt kid discovering that henchmen and terrorist schemes are a handy fast-track to power and popularity. Chris and Javier’s early attempts at villainy are the only parts of the film that recapture the blackly mischievous tone of the original.

The action scenes are pretty slick too – well-choreographed and shot. You might wonder quite how some weedy wannabe superheroes suddenly became action heroes, but you’ll forget that when Hit-Girl is facing down Mother Russia.

Hit-Girl in Kick Ass 2

And, sadly, that’s where the positives end. Here comes the vitriol…

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  • Jen Sullivan

    I thought it was a poor take on the comic, which was itself pretty OTT and if I’m honest pretty shitty. I think this franchise has had it already

  • SubSumeYou

    Bah critic.

  • Helga Einarsdottir

    Damn! I had so high hopes for this film… I haven’t read the comic yet, but might just have to in stead of watching the film…

  • Shaye Wopsock

    NOOOOOO!!!!! why, why, first of i don’t get why he re-wrote the script himself and take away so much of the character’s development and traits, the real reason why kick ass 2 the comic is so great is because of the unexpected violence, that was the real charm of the book. You couldn’t guess what was going to happen next and when it did happen. It was a real big surprise, you couldn’t even begin to describe what you saw and read. (When the Red Mist decided to change his name to the motherfucker and what he did to Colonel Star OMG, that full, disoriented detailed page frightened me the most.) After i’ve read this critic review, a lot of things have been taken into consideration one don’t get hyped about a summer movie you’ve been waiting for since they announced it and two. Well is deciding whether, seeing the actual altered film or not.