THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Trailer Gets Animated In This Brillaint Mash Up Trailer.

Posted on: May 14th, 2012

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The latest trailer for Christopher Nolan’s TDKR has got us all excited. However one fan has decided that the trailer alone just isn’t good enough and has decided to make it just a little bit cooler in this latest Mash up trailer. I always appreciate some good editing and some of the mash ups I’ve come across have been pretty brilliant (like the Wall-E/Prometheus mash up). I gotta say that this one is particularly good. It uses the audio from the latest TDKR’s trailer and mixes it perfectly with scenes from Batman: The animated series.

This is also a nice trip down memory lane for me as I thought Batman: The animated Series was one of the best cartoons around when I was younger (and the perfect way to kick off the weekend as I’d get up early on a Saturday morning to watch it).

Check it out below:

And if you’re curious how it stands up aganist the original trailer, there’s even this video to show the 2 running at the same time.


These videos were uploaded by Youtube user evilsWa and you can click on the link to see some of his other work.




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