PLANET HULK Movie? Is The HULK Getting His Own Film & Will He Go To War With The AVENGERS

World War Hulk
Posted on: February 4th, 2013

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Latino Review has a tendency to be as ‘on the money’ as they are ‘off the money’ regarding rumors, so this particular one may just be a load of steaming crud, or it may be a ***spoiler*** so big and ripe that Marvel Entertainment exec’s are currently eating their combined fists with incensed rage.

The dirt dished is summed up in the vid below, but the long and the short of it is that Greg Pak’s Increible Hulk epic’s Planet Hulk and World War Hulk are both being slated as movies for the Marvel movie-verse. A Planet Hulk Movie would see Hulk exiled to planet Sakaar, where he is no longer ‘the strongest one there is’ and has to fight in gladiatorial arenas and overthrow and empire in order to return home and wreak vengeance on the Illuminati (Reed Richards, Doctor Strange, Tony Stark, Black Bolt, Prof. X and Namor) who shot him off planet to stop his rampages.



BleedingCool summed it up as such:

  •  At the end of Avengers 2, The Hulk is going to be sent to space. This is either in the third act or, possibly, after the credits.
  • It will be the Movieverse version of The Illuminati who do this. And they’ll do it because they deem The Hulk a terrible threat – so expect to see how and why he’s so dangerous.
  • Then, in Phase 3, this will be paid off with The Hulk’s standalone movie, adapting Planet Hulk. This was Greg Pak’s comics story in which The Hulk becomes a gladiator and then a King on an alien planet.
  • The Hulk will then return to earth for Avengers 3 which will draw on World War Hulk, another Pak run which sees Big Green coming back for revenge after his banishment.

If this pans out then it’s big news for Hulk and his fans, especially considering the character has yet to be able to sustain his own solo movie. And having read Pak’s run on Hulk, it would make a lot of sense to use this material, as not only does it capitalise on Hulk’s post Avengers popularity, but also uses storylines that give him a viable solo movie and a future run in with the Avengers for a 3rd Avengers movie. Even though he’ll be coming to Earth as what will essentially be a ‘warbringer’ role in direct conflict with his former A-Team pals.

But enough speculation from me. Here’s Latino Review to potentially blow some smoke up your a$$:


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  • Abigail Chandler

    The problem with a Planet Hulk film is that it’s very Hulk-heavy and Banner-light, and when your Banner is played by Mark Ruffalo you really want it to be the other way round.

    • Mark McCann

      Absolutely, though Ironically Planet Hulk that manages to flesh Hulk out more as a character with Banner unable to survive in human state on the hostile planet where their marooned. It’s essentially Ridley Scott’s Gladiator – in space – with Hulk instead of Russell Crowe. I don’t know how they’d work Banner in, though to be fair I’m dubious that this is anything more than a rumor