JOSH TRANK Offered THE RED STAR By Warner Bros. (And Every Other Movie In Production As Well)

Posted on: March 20th, 2012

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According to Deadline, Warner Bros. have asked Josh Trank (the new shit hot director currently attached to everything thanks to Chronicle) to develop a movie from Christian Gosset‘s The Red Star comics, which as I recall were quite an enjoyable little read from the man who conceived of the double edged lightsaber (Tales of the Jedi‘s Exar Kunn was using it milennia before Maul, you swines).

Here’s a blurb for the comic (which was also a game that never made it out of development. Shame):

Set in the latter days of the imaginary U.R.R.S. (United Republics of the Red Star), this critically acclaimed story follows the heroes of the Red Star as they discover their country’s true intentions in a war against a smaller neighbor state; a revelation that leads the soldiers on a quest to liberate their nation from its dark legacy of oppression.


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