Dwayne Johnsson Locked In As Hercules In Brett Ratners Thracian War Adap. 2 Parts Good 1 Part Bad

Posted on: March 6th, 2012

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Normally Brett Ratner’s (X-Men 3, Horrible Bosses, Red Dragon etc.) involvement in anything instantly ensures I’ll avoid it, but his attachment to the adaptation of Steve Moore‘s comic, The Thracian Wars with Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnsson now set to star as Hercules has me curious if nothing else.

The Rock say's; casual day out mmm'kay


Moore’s version of Herc is a brutal, fallen from grace type who finds his way back to his ethics in amongst all the killing, which is normally something I’d have serious ACTION BONER for. And The Rock’s in it. I love The Rock. But Brett Ratner….Bret ‘fucking’ Ratner!

Brett 'fucking' ME!

Anyway in this version of the tale Hercules is put in charge of a group of six mercenaries, but after they’re sent to kill innocents, he revolts and tries to stop his bat shit crazy king from plunging the nation into a terrible war. It sounds violent as f*ck and if the comics are anything to go by we’ll have a Herc who looks like this:

The next fucker who slags off my lion hat will end up like these guys, getting a Columbian haircut

And have battle scenes that look like this:

Uh oh....getting a bit of an....ACTION BONER!

Variety report that the project will film in New Zealand from this October, and while I suspect it’ll probably be sh*t I can at least kid myself that it wont be until then. Now lets have another look at that comic:




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