DAILY DIRT: Gollum Loves/Hates LORD OF THE RINGS – Joss Whedon Loves Screwing With Fans & The ROCK’s ‘Got Milk’

Gollum Black and White
Posted on: February 5th, 2013

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Todays Daily Dirt is as follows:


Gollum Hates/Loves Lord Of The Rings

Andy Serkis was recently asked what he thought of the LOTR Movies? Gollum replied….


The Rock’s Got Milk

This Dwayne Johnson Protein Ad was the best Superbowl commercial by a country mile:


Joss Whedon F**k’s With Us.

Cos He Can

Joss Whedon shared this picture of a Firefly  MonthlyMagazine on his Facebook Page. I cried a bit and then pretended I’d never seen it so I wouldn’t think about my terrible, TERRIBLE FireFly withdrawal:


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