Bike Cop Bust’s Lingerie Model While Driving The BATMOBILE. Wait, WHAT!

Posted on: May 17th, 2012

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In a scene so bizarre I thought I’d accidentally imbibed acid, a model shooting a commercial for using the actual Batmobile from the 1998 Burton Batman movie was pulled over by North Miami Beach cops all the while the Producers were waiting around the corner with cameras rolling wondering where there model and Batmobile were?

In an act of jobsworthyness so heinous it would make the biggest kiss-ass cringe the cop (Who I’m dubbing: Jobsworth Frodo for reasons that will soon become obvious) busted the driver for  “Improper Footwear While Operating A Motor Vehicle.”

So a smoking hot fox drives by in the Batmobile and all this cop can think to do is bust her? That guy is as we like to say over here in Ireland; some seriously shit craic!

Here’s the video below courtesy of Bleeding Cool

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