Andy Lau May Appear In IRON MAN 3 (Possibly Playing The Only Man Who Could Match Robert Downey Jr’s Charisma And Smugness!)

Posted on: April 24th, 2012

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Right, before I begin I should point out that I love Andy Lau, the man’s got it all. He’s a charisma machine who is just as good at playing slap stick comedy as he is at serious roles (plus he’s a Goddamn Chinese singing sensation).

He could even do the theme song “Ilon Man!”

He’s appeared in loads of films but here are some of the highlights which I recommend you watch immediately. Fulltime Killer, the Infernal Affairs trilogy (in the role Matt Damon had no mission of replicating), God Of Gamblers (with Chow Yun Fat and involving some of the most out of place Herioc Bloodshed gun fighting you’ll see on screen),  House of Flying Daggers, Running on Karma (mainly because he wears a ridiculous muscle suit) and Running out of Time.

He even recently starred in the HK remake to “What Women Want”. This one was widely considered to be less anti-Semitic than the original.

Anyway, with the news that the film is being partially filmed in China (and co-produced by a Chinese company) it seemed likely that one or two of the Countries great actors would appear (and we’re guessing there’ll be a few more announced before production begins).

Here’s what had to say:

Andy Lau’s character will be an OLD FRIEND OF TONY STARK’S that represents China’s technology sector – and will use China’s armored heroes to HELP Iron Man defeat “The Mandarin” who is seen as a terrorist against both the US and China.

Interesting, so if he gets the part, he’ll be playing Tony’s friend. I know the language barrier and cultural differences can cause difficulties (as seen in Rush Hour were Jackie Chan couldn’t quite understand why much of it was considered funny) but I do hope these two get a decent amount of screen time together to see which one is truly the king of charisma!



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