Will Video Games Film Adaptations Overtake Comic Book Movies?

Will Video Games Film Adaptations Overtake Comic Book Movies
Posted on: July 12th, 2013

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I do not play video games. It’s not because I don’t like them – as a teenager I use to be obsessed with games to the point of making them with my cousin and distributing them online.

What changed? I moved into the big city to attend University, discovered alcohol and women and worked through several part time jobs to fund these new adventures. Along with regularly practicing martial arts video gaming fell by the wayside.


Kazam being an Alco

Let’s be honest – it was mainly the alcohol.


Now I’m in my late 20s and I still haven’t found a gap in my schedule to squeeze gaming back into; I’ve too many other hobbies and responsibilities and alcohol. I do however appreciate the skill and creativity that goes into making the games of today.

This article is a prediction on a coming trend in cinema. I could be completely wrong/drunk on alcohol, but I genuinely think in the next 4-10 years adaptations of video games into films will become big business for Hollywood.


The Present

Despite some financial success over the years, I think many would agree that most video game movies have sucked so far. Some of them have been enjoyable in a ‘this is so laughably bad it’s almost good’ kind of way. Others may fall into the category of, ‘if I turn my brain off I can probably enjoy the action scenes at least.’ Sadly however, the majority reside in the group ‘this is so bad I want to scoop my eyeballs out with a spoon to prevent the possibility of watching it again.’


Street Fighter - Van Damme

Street Fighter will always have a place in my heart though thanks to Van Damme’s inspirational Shakespearean speech.


From Super Mario Bros right the way through to modern day disasterpieces like Max Payne and most of Uwe Boll’s filmography there is one constant in their creation: the filmmakers do not respect or understand video games and the people who play them.

Thousands of games over the years have provided a wealth of intricate stories, epic set-pieces and colourful characters. Despite this, when adapting them to the silver screen it appears the studios believe that video games are for people with no attention span, no patience and no ability to follow anything other than formulaic plots. Even though the average age of gamers these days is around 30, the film versions feel like they’re targeted at 11 year olds with ADHD. They pay little respect to the the plots, tones or aesthetics of their source materials.

Why then do I think video game adaptations are going to become huge?

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