Which 8 Characters Would Make The Ultimate Zombie Survival Team?

Posted on: July 17th, 2013

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Books, TV shows and Movies about Zombies seem to be flying out quicker that a high laxative diet at the moment, which got me thinking….is this a hint or just a really popular idea right now?? After the supposed Zombie attacks in the USA, where some folks seem to be getting high off bath salts and ripping peoples faces off, conspiracy theorists were probably stocking up their Cold War Nuclear shelters and prepping for what they think is inevitable.

For me, I decided that if the Zombie apocalypse is indeed approaching, I would need a decent fighting team to try and defend against the raging hoards of the un-dead. This is where I had an idea, an idea to bring together a group of unique individuals to fight the battles that we can’t (thank-you S.H.I.E.L.D Director Nick Fury for that little sound bite).

So here I have compiled a highly hypothetical list of the top 10 fictional characters who would make up probably one of the best teams to have around, should the flesh eating, highly infectious former members of the human race decide that staying dead is boring.


8 & 7 Sam and Dean Winchester


sam and dean



Recruited from:



Have battled Angels, Demons and everything else that goes bump in the night


Military weapons and hand to hand combat training from their father. Skilled researchers for obscure topics


Talented “Hunters” and very good in a tight spot and last minute solutions


Potential for hefty bouts of brotherly arguments, fights, immaturity and very loud rock music.


Sam and Dean are no strangers to kicking undead ass, and have had run ins with a variety of zombies, notably 'Croats'

Sam and Dean are no strangers to kicking un-dead ass, and have had run ins with a variety of zombies, notably ‘Croats’



Both brothers have ended up trapped in hell for prolonged lengths of time. Dean eventually succumbed to torturing souls to end his torment and Sam was possessed by Lucifer himself and trapped himself, possessed by Lucifer, in “the cage” with the Archangel Michael.

Since his return from Hell and the break down of the walls in his mind that protect him from the memories of Hell, he suffers from interactive hallucinations of Lucifer. Needless to say, both Sam and Dean are lugging around an insane amount of baggage with them…..but they have an insanely awesome car.


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Author Info Comments
  • Greig

    Um… Ash?

  • ryan bonderman

    Wolverine would kill every zombie.

  • donigo

    Where’s the Doctor? Time traveling alien who can provide an impenetrable home for all of the refugees in as big of a bathroom sized area, who is a genius and master of everything? Team of one, bitches.

  • Andrew Arnold

    When Chuck Norris does Push Ups, he doesn’t push himself up, he pushes the Earth down.

  • DTM

    I would have added in Wolverine. The ultimate killing machine, whose healing factor should prevent him from becoming zombie-fied himself.

    • SexySuperVillain

      Wolverine did in fact become a zombie in the Marvel Zombies comic series…

  • Abigail Chandler

    I would also sling in Walter White, for SCIENCE, BITCH!