10 Best Anime-Style HARRY POTTER Pieces

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Posted on: September 5th, 2012

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JK Rowling’s Potterverse Gets The Anime Treatment…

Have you ever wondered what the Harry Potter books would have looked like if they had veered off of the route of live action and jumped on the highway to anime? Or how good the covers of the books could have been if the publishers had decided to go with an artist more in keeping with the tone of the books?

The Harry Potter books are a bit of a guilty pleasure that I like to delve into every now and then.

Do I think they are stellar tomes of the written word? Erm, No.

Do I enjoy them anyway? Yes! Yes I do.

One of the things that I like most about the Harry Potter series aside from all the magic, wizards, owls, dragons, mermaids and flying etc (which I totally love as I am a real sucker for that kind of thing), is the fact that the characters are so multi-faceted and filled with emotion.



You so know I would have a Unicorn as a pet…if I could.

The storylines that run throughout the books (both main and sub) are rich with twists and turns and are full of challenges that meet the requirements of each character, no matter how small. From a House Elf trying to get his freedom, a leftfield trainee witch who sees Nargles everywhere to a dark Wizard’s obsession with blood purity and his attempts to rid the world of muggles (non magical beings) and conquer both the wizarding and non-wizarding world (a very nefarious plan for someone with no proper nose to speak of…).

Now, don’t get me wrong, I actually really like the films – with the exception of the Half Blood Prince as I thought that was just a bit too hashed together for my liking and also is it just me? Or was Dumbledor a wee bit of a meanie in that film? The films are a good adaptations of the books so I definitely would not want to get rid of them but I do feel that an anime series of films or graphic novels even, would compliment the franchise perfectly. Not that Ms Rowling needs to be adding anything to her stacks of cash…*Sigh* (I sometimes sigh when I think about people who could literally set up a Scrooge McDuck style vault of cash and go swimming in it – though I think swimming through money would be a lot more difficult and painful then you’d think. Imagine all those paper cuts and the various bruises from the ingots and coinage!).



Is it wrong that I sometimes dream about doing this…?


Seriously though, from a purely artistic perspective I think that Harry Potter lends itself well to the style of anime, mainly for these two reasons:

Firstly, as I mentioned above, the characters of Harry Potter are chock-full of emotion and anime and manga are specialists at displaying these kinds of over the top displays.


And secondly, Harry Potter is all about magic and with anime you are only as limited as the imagination of the artist. So effects would be epic.

Below are my picks for my top 10 anime renditions of the ‘Harry Potter Verse’ – All of the art below is sourced from some amazing artists on Deviant Art. I have popped their user names under each picture. So if you would like to check out more of their awesome portfolios click on this link here and search their usernames – Numbers 1 and 4 are by artist Nakagawa and this artists work can be found here.

Which bit artwork is your favourite? Do you agree and think making some Harry Potter anime is a good idea or do you think I am so far off the mark the mark is a dot to me, a very teeny, tiny dot…? Let me know in the comments section below. 

10. Neville and Luna



Artist: Inma


9. Harry and Hedwig



Artist: Mireikko


8. Snape



Artist: Machomachi


7.  Draco, Harry and Hermione



Artist: Inma


6. Harry, Ron and Hermione


Harry, Ron and Hermione

Artist: Felis-M

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  • Awesome dude

    That number one is the worse. Its Vampire-Knight-e-fied, which is the gayest anime series since I watched Gundam 0! Number 4 has Negima style anime which would be the best, or even number 10! This is certainly a huge fail in my eyes, but then you are female, and girls seem to love all of these ‘gay’ anime or yaoi fan fictions of them.

  • susiemcbeth

    I really loved all of them – I actually found a ton of seriously great HP artwork and found it hard to pick what was going to make my top 10, though they only one that had no competition was Necodreams, that is some of the nicest fanart I have ever seen.
    Well, I guess at least it is not just me! :) Thanks for commenting and I am glad you liked the article.

  • Grey

    WICKED!! What a seriously good (and novel) idea and you are right, the last pic is a work of PURE GENIUS! I want one really badly lol.

    Also, just so you feel a bit better, you’re not the only one who dreams about swimming in a vault full of cash! I actually thought everyone did lol :-) .

    • Awesome dude

      Only if its paper money, we’re not cartoon characters. And the last one was the worse.