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Posted on: September 16th, 2012

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Robocop rebooted, redesigned and to be served to us on a lackluster art platter…

When it was first announced that Robocop was being given the reboot treatment, my initial thought was …of course it iswhy wouldn’t you remake a film that a ton of people are crazy about? My second thought, which closely followed the former (as I am not one to dwell), was…oh I wonder what Robocop will look like? I wonder what the concept art and redesign will be? I then felt a teensy bit excited. I just can’t resist a bit of awesome concept art and Robocop in particular has quite a lot in terms of art/suit design/mechanics that can be given the artistic 5 star treatment (in theory).

Below is the 2013 Robocop reboot art by concept artist Mike Jensen and whilst I think this is in theory a good concept, I don’t really like it.


robocop concept art for 2013 reboot


The first thought that popped into my head when I looked at it was Rock Monster.


rock eater neverending story (400x266)


This is probably because I think the outside shell looks too bity and also reminded me of a trimmed down version (very trimmed, supermodel skinny version with a helmet covering his face) of the rock eater in The Neverending Story.  I also thought that whilst the rebooted Robocop looked agile, I didn’t feel that it looked like he would stand up to much damage.

Below is what the rebooted Robocop suit actually looks like. There are always changes from concept to reality, but you can see the origin of the design is present.


rebooted robocop


Now, I didn’t like the concept art so I wasn’t expecting to think the finished article would be something I would go crazy over and I was right. I think this version looks even more flimsy than the concept art. It does not come across as intimidating at all and looks like a poorly fitted Batsuit. Someone needs to get the number of Bruce Wayne’s tailor.



“I don’t give out that info to anyone…How dare you suggest that McBeth! How dare you?”


To me it doesn’t look like there is much room for agility, speed or strength. I am really not convinced and apart from the helmet, which I actually quite like. I feel quite disappointed. I am hoping that seeing it in action will prove me wrong.

So, feeling a little bit discontent I decided to cheer myself by looking at some Robocop art (what else is a girl to do on a rainy Sunday afternoon?) and I came across some very awesome redesign artwork by concept artist Jason Hazelroth. I feel so excited about what I saw that I have decided to share it here.

Jason Hazelroth is a Senior Concept Artist at SuperBot Entertainment working on Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale. He also recently completed Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 at Sledgehammer games, as well as The Saboteur from Pandemic Studios. His portfolio of work can be viewed here, his blog (which is a very interesting read) can be found here and his Deviant Art page can be found here. As well as being a concept artist badass he has an even more awesome second job volunteering for ARM, a nonprofit organization that funds research towards a cure of the disease HIBM. Jason’s wife is afflicted with HIBM and they both work very hard to support this organisation. To find out more you can check out Jason’s wife’s site here.

One of the things that I like most about Jason’s redesigns is that the suit looks strong and like it could stand up to pretty much anything. It looks like it would be quite speedy and I also think it has the intimidation factor. I also really like that he gave him a version of a ‘Light Cycle’ (a ‘Robocycle’). I mean seriously, that is just super cool. Below is a small compilation of his redesigns, to see more please visit his links (listed above).

What do you think? Do you like the 2013 Robocop reboot designs? Do you prefer Jason’s? Did you think there was a need for another Robocop film? Let me know as always in the comments section below. 


robocop redesign - Hazelrothjason

robocop redesign 2 - Hazelrothjason

robocop redesign 3- Hazelrothjason

robocop redesign 4- Hazelrothjason

robocop redesign5 redesign comparisons 1 - Hazelrothjason

robocop redesign5 redesign comparisons - Hazelrothjason

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  • Jasmine Liu

    Looks like a mix of Tron, G.I. Joe, and Batman. The reboot looks like a man in a suit. The original made me think that it was really a robot with a face. RebootCop sucks.

    • susiemcbeth

      I agree from what I’ve seen “Reboot Cop” seems to certainly suck! My main problem is that he looks like he couldn’t stand up to anything…

  • J

    I think it looks retarded with the matte black. I prefer the original.

    • susiemcbeth

      I prefer the original too. Though I imagine that the above is not the final, final version. I assume they will be doing a fair bit to it in post production. Hopefully it will get a bit sexier…

      Thanks lots for commenting :)