Why The Disney Lucasfilm Buy-Out Won’t Deliver The Goods

Posted on: November 2nd, 2012

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Some of you may be familiar with the show ‘I’ve Never Seen Star Wars’ – whether in its radio or TV incarnation, the title is supposed to inspire incredulity in the audience at the interviewee’s lack of familiarity with something that it is believed the majority, the masses, Joe Public at large, is incredibly well-aware of and enjoys immensely.



Well…I have seen Star Wars. Sort of. And I’m just not that bothered.

Now, hold your horses, or your tauntaun’s, or what have you, let’s paint a picture for you here. Child of the 80′s – check. Comic book fan – check – I grew up on a diet of Marvel UK, majoring in Transformers but with healthy dollops of Spider-Man, X-Men and the like along the way. Cult TV fan – yup, my pal at school got me hooked on Star Trek: The Next Generation and that chimed well with the shows I’d grown up watching like X-Bomber/Star Fleet, Terrahawks and all those other cartoons that keep coming back these days like Thundercats. So, if you have me painted as a fan of relatively mainstream science fiction who likes epic space adventures laced with memorable characters and eye-pleasing action sequences, you’d not be far wrong. And yet, I just don’t get Star Wars.


Out Of The Frying Pan, Into The Mainstream?

These days, geek is chic; it wasn’t always so. Not so long ago in a galaxy not very far away, Geekdom was a place impenetrable to the beautiful people; so what if those crazy rubber alien prosthetic’s were simply there for allegorical purposes – that sci-fi stuff’s just weird! Those comic books are just for kids! We all know the old, tired prejudices.

But as a young nerd growing-up, I struggled to understand why my beloved areas of interest were somewhat frowned upon by those who were instead watching Beverley Hills 90210, listening to Stock Aitkin and Waterman pop ‘muzak’ and wearing Calvin Klein T-Shirts rather than Captain Picard T-Shirts - wasn’t there room for us to all just peacefully co-exist without sitting in judgement on the other? (The irony isn’t wasted on me, however, that fashionably speaking, geek is now the new black and never goes out of fashion – those who were listening to Rick Astley when I was growing up, however, may need to re-evaluate some of their lifestyle choices).


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  • http://www.facebook.com/alexkazam Alex Kazam

    Love this, completely spot on. You’ve put in the mood to revisit DS9 now.

    • http://www.facebook.com/senyszyn Andy Senyszyn

      Thanks! I’ve been in the mood to revisit DS9 myself for a long time now… and I’ve still got a few of the ‘Season 8+’ books to get through as well – a trip to Bajor beckons!

    • lame

      Funny…cuz i think this article sux. Where was the premise that was in the title instead of this rambling garbage?