Sci-Fi Sandworm Infographic. For Fans Of Giant….Worms

Posted on: February 25th, 2013

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It’s an uncommonly known fact that Sandworms in si-fi/horror are a lot more common than you’d think. What with the giant ones knocking around on Arrakis (AKA Dune), the limbo occupants of Beeltejuice, the massive carniverous ones in Tremors and then there’s the Sarlaac in Return Of The Jedi there’s a veritable sub genre of sandworm fiction to choose from.

And Kaz Palladino, an artist who specializes in drawing concept art, maps, and anatomies based in the horror/sci-fi/fantasy genres has knocked up this cool ‘Variations’ infographic diagram, that while not to scale gives fans a fun look at their fave sand based non-arthropod invertebrate’s, albeit a bit more giant.

Check em out below:




Source: GeeksAreSexy

Featured Image: RedLeggerStudios

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