Who Should Play Green Lantern In A Justice League Movie?

Green Lantern Ryan Reynolds/Nathan Fillion
Posted on: July 23rd, 2012

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With the rumours arising that a possible Justice League film may arrive in 2015, fans and nerds alike have begun speculating over who will play who?



Those who aren’t as “in” to the genre as the rest of us have asked what is wrong with keeping the people who played the already existing members of The Justice League in their solo movies already? (Batman, Superman, Green Lantern etc.)

In my opinion, and actors return pending, there’s nothing wrong with keeping the existing actors at all.



That Conversation….


However the one conversation I have been in the middle of, instigated, heard and read about the most is:

“Will they keep Ryan Reynolds or get Nathan Fillion to play Hal Jordan?”

This is a question that has been posed many times in the past since the plans for a Green Lantern movie were first made public (it was an awful film but I will explain why another time). Both Reynolds and Fillion are great actors, both have fantastic delivery and comic timing, both are idols to geeks for just being awesome and both have swarms of women trying to see them in as few clothes as possible.

So what makes one a better choice than the other for the role of Hal Jordan?



If we take a look at Hal Jordan’s character, we know that he is impulsive, has a problem with authority, witty, cocky, slightly arrogant (that could possibly be an understatement) but above all he is brave and will stand up for what he believes in. Now someone tell me I haven’t just gone and described Malcolm Reynolds (apologies for the obvious bias)!!!


So all points previously mentioned aside let’s look at the Nerd History of these two legends for a starting line:


Nathan Fillion



Nerd Cred:

  • Played Legendary Capt Mal Reynolds
  • Played Captain Hammer in Joss Whedon’s Dr Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog
  • He has already voiced Hal Jordan in Justice League: Emerald Knights and Justice League: Doom and about to make another appearance as Green Lantern in Robot Chicken: DC Comic Special, as well as voicing other characters in the Justice League TV series.
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  • Robs

    I’m a big fan of Reynolds, but love love love Nathan,
    he was awesome as Mal and is great as Castle.

  • DoigtDuPeuple

    Nathan Fillion ? … He’s always beedn a D-List actor as he doesn’t have the acting chops needed. While I didn’t like the Green Lantern movie, I blame it on the screenplay/script and Director than cast. Reynolds was good in the role, yes they let him do his geeky face thing he does, but at the same time Nathan Fillion will just not hold that character or have the acting chops to sell it.. I’d keep Reynolds as he took on the reign first. Just my opinion, just think that Fillion is better in TV movies or series and not the big screen…

    • Yourdisturbingmycalm

      Serenity = Big Screen. Chop the chop talk. NF’s the big dog, ask Joss.