ROBOCOP ED-209 Goes On Sale On EBAY. You Have 10 Seconds To Bid And Comply

Real Life ED-209
Posted on: February 7th, 2013

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Ever fancied owning your own Massive Metal Law Enforcement Watchdog Robocop ED-209? Yes, occasionally they go faulty and kill innocent people in an eruption of lead death with their massive thunder-cannon armaments, but that shouldn’t deter you. Not when they look this cool for f**k sake!



Okay, so this is just a massive replica with no actual faulty A.I., but now you can own it by getting in on the E-Bay bidding action.

According to the seller:

“This ED-209 model was made for the movie Robocop 2. It may have been used as a stand-in for the robot during production or created as a marketing piece to promote the movie. It stands at over 10 feet tall on two hind legs built with pneumatic cylinders.”

Here’s some more shots below, but if I could afford the whopping $25,000.00 price tag I’d plant this baby in my front garden and with a voice activated sensor under the proch tiles and a large speaker inside ED’s tin innards that said WARNING: You Are In A Restricted Area. You Have 10 Seconds To Evacuate Or Lethal Measures Will Apply.

Then I’d watch as the Postman s**t himself :)

Here’s more ED below:




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