Rebooting Batman: A Look At Where The BATMAN Franchise Might Go Next

The Dark knight: Batman
Posted on: June 1st, 2012

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 The Good, the Bad and the Terrible.

I have always been a massive Batman fan, from comic to screen in all its incarnations with the irredeemable exception of the camp crap-fest that was Batman & Robin. Seriously…nipples on the Batsuit and the Terminator on ice-skates…need I say more?

 Bat nipples

Want to see me make them dance?

In fact, I watched Batman & Robin hidden behind a pillow whilst every few minutes muttering to myself like an Arkham in-patient “Dear god, why?” Joel ‘Schmuck-macher’ what were you thinking? The Batsuit as a metaphor for a full body condom WTF! Okay, moving away from that potential endless rant onto what I want to talk about…

I thought the incarnations of Batman in the Burtonverse had their charm – you’ve got to love a bit of Christopher Walken and Jack Nicholson. Plus it is hard to resist Burton’s blend of gothic fairytale style mixed in with his quirky humour.


Dont’ ask me…AGAIN…about the hair!

But, as much as I enjoyed his instalments, it was Nolan’s films that really did it for me. Christian Bale’s gravel voiced Batman desperately in need of a throat sweet and a shit load of revenge worked great as the caped crusader.


I hope Alfred has some Throaties for me when I get home.

He managed the duality of his role as suave playboy Bruce Wayne and his menacing cowl wearing alter ego. Not to mention the outstanding performances put in by the likes of Cillian Murphy, Liam Neeson (though it would have been better if he could have had a little bit more to play with) and probably most significantly Heath Ledger who, let’s face it, rocked it off the screen as the Joker.

dark knight:joker


Nolan’s guiding hand and superior direction moulded these films into exactly where I wanted Batman to be – with even Batman a little bit confused on what side of the fence of justice he is truly on. Nolan’s use of cinematography reflected the stark darkness menacing the streets of Gotham and to prove that he is not a one trick pony he simultaneously utilised all of the tools of his trade to build complex, heavy textured characters that you grow to love, hate, envy and want to be. To say that I am looking forward to his next instalment is a definite understatement.


Batman: Christopher Nolan

I wonder how many of the Inception cast I can put in the next movie?

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  • TheJoker
  • matthew
  • Kristoffer Groves

    They definitely need to introduce some new villains. I;m thinking Black Mask, Hugo Strange, Deadshot, Clayface, Killer Croc, and possibly even Quentin Tarantino as Film Freak.

  • Susie McBeth

    Thanks for the lovely comments guys. I am glad you enjoyed my take on where the franchise should go next.

    I hope you enjoyed your cold shower Grey – I think a glance back up the article at the ‘bat nipples’ might have done the trick a bit faster, but I have to respect the sheer craziness of a cold shower…

    I agree Tony, Hallie B is lovely but she is not cut out for Catwoman.

    Tom, I think a marvel tie in would be interesting – but I think only as a one off. I wouldn’t want Marvel and DC to mix permanently, they come up with better ideas when they are in competition with each other…

  • http://YourWebsite Tom

    A marvel tie-in universe; the links to Superman will become evident in the man of steel.

  • Tony Friery

    What I meant to add before was I love the critique of the (frankly effeminate) bat-suit and its symbolism, as well as the excellent Batwoman suggestion!

    Totally agree re Catwoman (lovely though Halle Berry is!) – A feisty Batwoman makes much more sense!

    Look forward to your next article!

  • Tony Friery

    Great article, Susie!

  • Grey

    Excellent article Susie! I love the idea of a Sin City sequel but the Red-Headed Lesbian Party Girl in a Batsuit sounds like a fab idea!

    Well with that image stuck firmly in mind i’m off for a cold shower ;-)

    Keep up the good work Badhaven and Susie!!!