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Posted on: February 27th, 2013

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Star Wars as a brand has always been popular as easy access sci-fi, but Star Wars related fashion has become increasingly popular in recent years also, which may be in part owed to the success and popularity of Black Milk and their dedicated Star Wars releases.



As far as iconic fashion, hair and makeup on-screen goes, the Star Wars installments have provided some of the most instantly recognisable and original looks in cinema history. Absolutely every self-respecting citizen knows what ‘Princess Leia hair’ looks like, and I don’t think you’ll meet a girl who can honestly say she’s never had a go at some Queen Amidala lips in front of the bathroom mirror.

So in terms of geek chic, nerdy fashion, or whatever you like to call it, it’s been a very interesting and beneficial development for gals like us. And with major celebs like Megan Fox snapped fronting a Star Wars T, it’s safe to say it’s an explosive trend.




So let’s explore what’s been going down in terms of cyber-space fashion in a galaxy far, far away…..You’re quite right that is the first of many terrible puns, and I’m not even a tiny bit sorry!


Black Milk

The Black Milk range of Star Wars pieces have clearly contributed to the Force-Frenzy at the moment in terms of current fashion trends, so it’s only fair to start off with a look at what the BM crew has to offer, courtesy of designer James Lillis.



With the beautiful `Artoo` dress available, and another dress that depicts the iconic Frozen Solo image amongst quite a hefty selection of Star Wars dedicated pieces, it’s easy to see why the Black Milk stock has been flying off the shelves.



Most Black Milk items are a tantalizing blend of polyester, spandex and lycra making them simply irresistable for hot-blooded women like you and I. Fantastic quality and almost-affordable, it’s an easy road to addiction with Black Milk items.

A word of warning, the Black Milk sales and releases are insane. You must be prepared for battle! If you want something, you really have to work for it.

Do – there is no try!

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