5 Reasons Why Ghostbusters 3 is a Bad Idea

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Posted on: October 18th, 2012

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No one wants to pay money to see fat, old men chasing ghosts!”

Was the quote that may have come from Bill Murray following his shredding of the script he was sent from Ghostbusters 3, which he apparently thought was trash. It’s still up for debate that this actually happened, but since there’s more modern myths about Bill Murray than there are Big Foot (most of them his own creations) feel free to investigate. The point stands however that Bill seems to be more ‘off’ than ‘on’ with the film and it seems that a threequel is generally held as a bad idea. Seriously, anyone who runs up to you and say’s; ‘I’m soooooo excited about this sequel!!!!’ is generally a clueless douche. Admit it.



H’anyway,Bill would later remark on The Letterman Show in June:

 ”They just don’t have a really good script,”

Which is troubling as Ivan Reitman is now said to be ponying up for a directing slot next summer regardless (and oddly as one of the movies rights holders Bill must have also signed off on this) with a returning cast of originals not including it’s most important component; Doctor Peter Venkman (or Rick Moranis. What ever happened to him? Someone’d tell me if he’s dead, right?)

Below is a quick slew of reasons that a new film will likely suck ghostly dick. This just a quick list mind you, so don’t hate me cos I scrimped on detail. Hate the idea of Ghostbusters 3 instead:


5. It Will Fuck Up Your Nostalgia



Part of the reason we always want more of something that was good the first time round is because we remember it so fondly as a thing from a period that has lasted the test of time and reminds us how much we liked ‘it’ and the ‘then’ that it came from. A modern Ghostbusters not only wouldn’t exist during that period we loved so much (the 80′s) featuring older, less vibrant, less funny versions of characters we nostalgically love, but it just wouldn’t have the impact it did then due to the crushing weight of modern expectation.

Ghostbusters 2 was a mediocre mess at best, so why maul the original further with a 3rd tired sequel set in a future we all hate so much we’d rather have the 80′s? Sony’s corporate hand wants to slip it’s greasy fingers into your wallet and all the actors involved want a pay day, to relive the glory days or both. The only one winning here is Sony. Like they did with Amazing Spider-Man? Fuck you Sony I’m out!


4. The Script Sucks The Fat One



Okay, so Bill Murray’s funny about scripts. Maybe he’s not a great judge. He read Groundhog Day 10 pages every two days (in case it sucked) and didn’t even read the original script for Ghostbusters until the first day of filming (he learned his lines as he went), so he’s not exactly a qualified script doctor. He has starred in some great stuff though, and since Dan Aykroyd  had the guys who wrote Year One on the original draft of the proposed #3, which was then handed over to Gene Stupnitsky and Lee Eisenberg of the US version of The Office, I just don’t trust it.

Don’t get me wrong; I like the US version of The Office. There’s just something uncomfortable about something so desperate to happen, yet has the original star saying it’s so crap he wont do it. And if (as urban myth suggests) Bill’s happy to serve whiskey behind a bar all night just for shits and giggles, it says a lot that he wont star in a million dollar movie pay day because he thinks it stinks like goats ass.


3. There’s A New Cast

  (That You’ll Probably Hate)


If you were a fan of the original Ghostbusters then chances are you’ll want to see the old cast. Not only wont you see Bill Murray as Pete Venkman but Dan Aykroyd confirmed that the new film would see the team handing over ghostbusting duties to a new generation on the Dennis Miller Show in February. Assuming this is still the case we could have a new cast of Busters for a new generation. Which will in all probability alienate old fans (I know I’m not the only one who hates the ‘Hipster Generation’), while failing to gain momentum with new fans who could give less of a shit about a movie that happened 20 years before they shot out the tip of their daddy’s dick.

A new cast for an old film property also feels very ‘reboot’ even though it isn’t a reboot.

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    Rick Moranis’ wife died of cancer, so he quit acting to raise his children.