Disney Princess Ages Revealed. Prepare To Feel A Bit ‘Wrong’ If You Thought They Were Hot

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Posted on: March 7th, 2013

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It’ isn’t a secret that there is no small portion of men out there with a serious Disney Princess fetish. And why not?



With hot models dressing up as the princesses and sexy versions of the characters cropping up all over the internet this would seem pretty reasonable. And with the increase of hot cartoon characters over the years and the sexualisation of Anime in it’s own Hentai sub genre, it’s a sure bet that some guys or girls out there play pocket billiards over animated hotties from the Disney stable too.

But after seeing the below Princess Age infographic your Disney Princess Fetish is probably over guys.

So here’s some forewarning – Disney Princess Fetish fans: Prepare to feel incredibly dirty and need to take an immediate shower the minute you see this (I’ve already had one….feel so….wrong!!!)



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  • Rosie P.

    In most of the Disney movies, ages aren’t discussed, nor are they usually discussed in the studio. And I can already disprove (at least) one of these: Jasmine was most certainly *not* 15. Anyone who has actually seen Aladdin knows that, in the movie, her 18th birthday is in three days. This infographic was probably made by someone who just wanted to cause some sort of shock to the Disney fan world.

  • Jonesy

    Actually historically Pocahontas was only 13