Did H.R. Giger Rip Off The Alien Design? China Seems To Think So

original alien art?
Posted on: January 7th, 2013

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While Swiss surrealist artist H. R. Giger is the man who gets the credit for designing the phallus headed  Alien from the classic movie franchise it seems that his 1976 creation has come under dispute by an internet user named Zhao from China.

Discovering this below painting at a Beijing flea market, it shows a horde of Aliens, is said to predate Giger’s design and is believed to be the work of influential Chinese artist Qi Baishi who died in 1957, years before Gigers famous Necronomicon saw print.



So assuming Zhao isn’t just doing a nice bit of fraud to make some cashy money that would mean this work does indeed predate Giger and throws the whole Alien origin open to a new progenitor.



Biashi’s was noted for his fine brushwork, but also for his work focuses on flowers, insects, animals, and sea creatures like shrimp, and while this whole hoohah has stirred up controversy to the point of getting China’s National Museum involved on Zhao’s microblogging site, not even the CNM has been able to confirm it, saying:

“The mixing of water colors and science fiction is truly a sight to behold.”

What a ballywell mystery, eh? Get Sherlock on the job ASAP!

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  • MelancholyChild

    It’s a piece of art from FLABSLAB.

  • UFO

    Fake. The heads don’t match the ones designed by Giger in Necronomicon or Alien. They match the head or “crown” of the Alien queen designed by Cameron for the sequel.

  • Ale, majo…

    Valiente gilipollez

  • http://www.facebook.com/krystian.padilladiaz Krystian Padilla Díaz

    So fake, it hurts.

  • Corvusmorph

    The thing is, these clearly look like the later incarnation, what Geiger’s design morphed into for the movies rather than his original designs. That’s the indication they’re fake.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Daniel-Southwould/100000378234666 Daniel Southwould

    I reckon it’s a viral. The new game from Gearbox is out soon, and this sort of thing will generate interest / discussion. It’s way too close to Gigers to be a coincidence and any artist knows you don’t rip off something so blatently.