Demons Vs Humans In Bad-Ass Action Horror WebSeries Daemonium

DAEMONIUM web series
Posted on: April 26th, 2013

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Enjoy you’re cross genre Action/Horror? An independent Argentinian movie project are currently filming this bad-ass series of shorts called DAEMONIUM. According to team member Jotar Jorge Tarruella:
The story of Daemonium begins in an alternate universe to ours, in which Magic and Technology Coexist with Humans and Demons. Thought up as a 5 Chapter Saga, in Daemonium we see Razor rise to power! ( He will be the new image of a dystopic government and seeks a full out war with Hell the demons that dwell there and anyone that stands in his way!)
Having watched the first two chapters (embedded below) I can tell you I was genuinely impressed by the world building, tone and general set up of this series and can’t wait to see some more. Also, there’s English ‘closed caption’ because it’s in Spanish that  you can activate by clicking the second symbol in the row at the right bottom in the youtube black window frame. Check the vids out below and shoot over and like the guys on the below link:

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  • Jotar

    Excellent! Thanks a lot, guys!