11 Actors We’d Love To See In An Adaptation of ‘The Boys’

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Posted on: August 21st, 2012

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I’m a huge fan of Garth Ennis so I will usually enjoy whatever he writes (though personally I was massively disappointed with Seven Brothers and Dan Dare). In his runs of Hitman and Punisher he’s never been too shy about letting the world know that he’s not a big fan of Superheroes. In fact, he uses both these comics to pour disdain and mockery on a slew of DC and Marvel favourites.


spiderman russian

As an example, here’s Spider-Man getting punched in the stomach by a Russain (who has been brought back from the dead) wearing a flowery dress and with the biggest pair of tits you have ever seen.


Batman gets puked on, Spider-Man gets used as a human punching bag, Wolverine gets ….. everything done to him (Ennis seems to take particular delight in taking the piss out of his healing factor). So when I heard about The Boys, a creator owned comic where Ennis (with Darick Robertson supplying some great artwork) was creating a government sanctioned Super Hero hit squad I immediately got excited.

The comic doesn’t disappoint. With easily recognisable caricatures of some of the most iconic characters getting up to all manner of ridiculous, horrible and, in true Ennis style, gross adventures it’s the perfect anti-dote to the comics which feature the same Superheroes doing the same things month in, month out.



The Boys Homelander

Could you really imagine Superman saying this to Wonder Woman?


Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson’s The Boys has had a bit of a shaky run. The comic was originally published by Wildstorm but got cancelled after 6 issues (apparently because they weren’t too keen on its anti-superhero story lines). It was thankfully picked up by Dynamite Entertainment and has been going strong ever since.

There was talk of a film adaptation back in 2010 but this rumour had disappeared until very recently when Adam McKay (the man supposedly directing the big screen outing of the boys) tweeted a fan that the film was still in development.

Now I’d be pretty excited to see this. I’ve been massively impressed with some of the comic book movies coming out these last few years but I’d love to see a film that rips the piss out of them (in fact, I’m almost hoping that the Superheroes they use are thinly disguised versions of the film versions of Batman and The Avengers to add a whole new level of satire).

Now the main thing you have to think about when adapting a comic book is getting the right actors for the characters. So I’ve compiled a list of actors that I think would be good choices for some of the main characters.


the boys

Note: I’m not going to go too much into their back story beyond the first 12 or so issues. Mainly because if they use story lines from the comics you’ll really want to see how things play out for yourself.

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