CULT CAMERA: Behind The Scenes Of 5 Of SCI-FI’s Greatest Ever Movies

Posted on: September 22nd, 2012

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Ghostbusters is the most loved, remembered, influential and best horror/comedy of all time. This is not a fact, but it might as well be. What is a fact is that 28 years on this Ivan Reitman classic is still held with such reverence by fans and lovers of cinema that it’s testament to the universal appeal it tapped into and still refuses to let go off. It’s also Bill Murray’s finest hour:



I hate the Star Wars prequels. But the original Trilogy really were something special in cinema. A young George Lucas gave birth to the blockbuster (along with Spielbergs Jaws) and weaved a mythology and credibility into sci-fi that; once impenetrable was now accessible to even the most uninitiated science fiction neophyte:



Another milestone in cinema Alien reinvented the Horror movie, took it into space and gave cinema one of it’s most iconic heroines with Ellen Ripley (Sigourney Weaver). The claustrophobic factory innards of the Nostromo became a virtual Hell for her crew, held captive by a pernicious xenomorphic killer alien. A creature that thanks to the collaboration of director Ridley Scott and artist H.R. Giger would go down in cinema the most feared creation ever. With Aliens Director Jim Cameron upped the ante bringing in the United States Colonial Marines. After Aliens action geared sci-fi would never be the same again:



Much like Alien, The Predator (the creature was created by Stan Winston) was a movie monster that captured the imagination of a generation. But it would all have been for naught if not for the testosterone fueled cast led by Arnold Schwarzenegger, a thumping soundtrack from Alan Silvestri and some compact and highly effective directing from an Action director at his pique – John McTiernan. Predator is simply put; the ultimate ‘Man’ film:



James Cameron’s original sci-fi/action masterpiece was made on a tiny budget, that despite it’s limitations became a phenomenon and catapulted star Arnold Schwarzenegger into the heights of stratospheric stardom. It also changed the face of sci-fi – turning the concept of a cyborg from something hokey into something palpably terrifying.

As is his tendency Cameron created something even more massive for the sequel, advancing CGI from his previous work on The Abyss and again creating a villain and a heroine to match it with The T-1000 and the ultimate action tough girl Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton). Terminator was the fusion of amazing writing, directing and action and along with it’s sequel was one of the most definitive movies of the 80′s. If Terminator heralded the heights sci-fi action could aspire too, T2 delivered it’s swan song:


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