Childs Play 1-6: Rating The Chucky Movies Best – Worst

Posted on: October 31st, 2013

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Rating the Chucky films from best to worst

With the recent news that the 6th film in the Childs Play/Chucky series had been released I thought it best to reacquaint myself with the previous five films to fully enjoy the latest adventures of Charles Lee Ray, or Chucky as he prefers to be called. Over the course of six nights I watched the films in chronological order and it struck me how different they all are and how I enjoyed some considerably more than others.

The good thing about the series is that all films are written by Don Mancini (he even directs the last two) with David Kirschner producing each one as well, bringing a level of consistency to the whole franchise, meaning that past films aren’t forgotten or ignored and that the legacy and legend of Chucky feels complete. So, before you can chant “Ade due Damballa, give me the power I beg of you” here are the six Chucky movies rated (in my opinion) from worst to best.


6. Childs Play 3


childs play 3

The whole military school aspect of this film isn’t really used to its full potential and the character Tyler leaves you practically begging for  him to get killed off. This film came out less than a year after the 2nd film and feels a bit disjointed, like it was rushed. Although 3 did introduce the notion that Andy doesn’t need to be the one that Chucky transports into, this concept never gets fully utilised again in the series. There’s also too many characters introduced in this film and it feels cluttered. This is the film I remember the most from watching the series as a youngster, yet it’s the one that holds up the least.


5. Bride of Chucky





Apart from the introduction of Jennifer Tilly, the rest of this film just feels a bit ‘meh’. Despite this, it’s not completely without merit, as the cop bringing Tilly the doll and the graveyard scene at the end are definitely worth a watch. However, the rest feels very of its time, with the nu-metal soundtrack and the introduction of the new Gothic Tiffany doll.

It’s also very baggy in the middle and feels like it’s treading water and racking up kills for the sake of it. It also drifts from the original set up as there is no children in it, thus squashing the child and doll relationship that was the hallmark of the series up until this point. There’s a lack of commitment on what this film wants to be, as it can’t decide whether to be a campy fun horror or an actual scary horror, so it skirts the edges of both. In the end being neither funny nor scary.


4. Childs Play 2




This is how you do a sequel. It’s more of the same, with a little bit extra thrown in. We find out more about the story behind killer Charles Lee Ray and the film bounds along feeling like an extension of the first film. It’s not as understated as the first film or as fresh, and Chucky also starts getting more vocal in this installment, which is why it still pales to the first film in my opinion. It also feels more dated than the first film with the introduction of the “cool” teenager character and some of the fashions of the times. It still holds up though and is a great film in its own right.


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  • Charles ray

    1.Childs play 2 in my opinion the best???? because of its creative kills.

    2.Bride of Chucky most of you would Disagree????because it goes of the normal Chucky movies and a litte humor would never have hurt the original films.

    3.Childs play the original you probably hate me right ????i just thought this one was not that entertaining or scary. The kills and the acting well you get the point.

    4.Curse of Chucky would be ranked higher if they would not have made it so low budget????but else i loved it.

    5.Childs play 3 did not realy enjoy it because it does get old if they do the normal thing over and over again if you feel me????
    6.Seed of Chicky worst Chucky movie ever made at least thats my opinion????????????????????????????????????and to the story and plot this is my quote????you gotta be F CKING kidding me right WTF

  • Haven

    This is simple, the new ones being the worst, the original ones being the best.

  • Matt Aspin

    I’m a HUGE fan of Child’s Play 3 so I’d probably have listed that higher and Seed would definitely be at the bottom of the pile, underneath some rocks and probably on fire.

    Good work though dude.

    • Chris Pastie Bap Caldwell

      Cheers man. It’s a fun series to watch altogether, unlike the Hellraiser nonology…now that wasn’t fun to watch at all (bar the first i guess)

    • Haven

      I loved Hellraiser! But i hear you though, me personally, i know your feelings,i hated Candyman.

  • Joe Fiore

    The two best films in the franchise are the original Child’s Play and Bride of Chucky. The first film was the first. Nothing can take that away from it. Bride of Chucky was the first to break the mold, and try a comedic approach. Bride of Chucky was hilarious and fun, and something DIFFERENT.

    1. -Child’s Play – The Best

    2. -Bride of Chucky

    3. -Curse of Chucky

    4. -Child’s Play 2

    5. -Child’s Play 3

    6. -Seed of Chucky – The Worst.

    • Chris Pastie Bap Caldwell

      I think this would be the “accepted order” and the order i would’ve picked had i not re-watched them all again. Even i was surprised i enjoyed “Seed” so much, but there you have it. No accounting for taste i guess. lol. Thanks for reading.

  • iknowmyownname

    I’ve seen a few of these lists popping up on sites since the release of Curse of Chucky.

    Yours, however, is the worst of them all. Putting Seed of Chucky above anything, let alone Child’s Play 2, proves that your taste buds are well and truly lodged in your rectum. Remind me to never ever take your advice when it comes to horror movie recommendations.

    • 7992

      calm down mate, just because you don’t agree with him doesn’t mean you have to insult him, if that’s how you talk to strangers who express opinion i’d be surprised you have friends. freedom of speech isn’t freedom to be a dick about things.

    • Chris Pastie Bap Caldwell

      Ha ha, thanks for that response iknowmyownname! I must remember not to have my own opinions in future. Thanks to 7992 for bring a little sense to the discussion. Who knew people could be so nice on the internet.

    • Haven

      Yeah you’re insane, relax lol

    • Charles ray

      What is your problem man he is just showing us his opinion people like you piss me of all over the internet we find people like you who have no lives them selves and wont admit it.And because their life is so terrible they try to do the same to others thats what makes people with no lives
      so dont listen to them dear author who made this.