A Good Day To Die Hard Unused Roof Top Fight Scene

Posted on: March 26th, 2013

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There’s nothing like a good old donnybrook in the middle of an action movie, especially a Die Hard movie, where no matter how elite or well armed the evil martial arts terrorist is, John McClane always wins through pure grit, determination and being one lucky hard headed sum’bitch! In other words, in a completely unrealistic fashion that would never work in real life. But screw that, we loves ya John!

Here’s the vid of an unused fight scene for Die Hard 5 by The Stunt People:

This fight between John McClane and Alik from A Good Day to Die Hard never made the final cut. Here’s the pre-viz for it that we choreographed and sent to Fox.

McClane – Eric Jacobus
Alik – Alvin Hsing

Our opinion is they should’a left it in. We love seeing John McClane beating s**t outta people:

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