9 Giant Sci-Fi Sculptures To See Before You Die

9 GIANT Sci-Fi Sculptures To See Before You Die
Posted on: August 7th, 2013

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Science Fiction has always had a preference for the larger than life, whether it be giant robots dating back to H.G. Wells War Of The Worlds (1898), where upon giant Martian tripods landed on earth and proceeded to fuck our shit right up until they got the flu and gave up, or giant monsters – the most famous of which is a toss up between Merian C. Cooper and Ernest B. Schoedsack’s King Kong (1933) or  Ishir? Honda’s Godzilla (1954).





Giant things have continued to perforate our pop culture in everything from Japanese Mecha – to Transformers – to Pacific Rim sized Kaiju to planet sized space stations and beyond for the past 100 + years. Because if there’s one thing science fiction established from it’s outset, it’s that it ‘thinks big’.

And so congenially enough, do it’s myriad fans.

Below are some of the most giant monuments to sci-fi creations and pop culture scattered around the globe (though lets face it – mostly in Japan).

If you are a proper aficionado you should probably see all of these before you die. Except the ones that aren’t there anymore. But then you’ll have read this article and seen them here. Which is probably EVEN BETTER.

But without further ado:


9. Mobile Suit Gundam


giant gundam statue


When we initially came across this giant (and we mean fucking GIANT!) Gundam statue, our initial reaction was that it had to be a load of photo shopping and ‘pure lies’ as the Irish like to call it. Then we realised it was in Japan. And was not ‘pure lies’ at all.

Located in Odaiba, Tokyo and erected to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the premiere of the “Mobile Suit Gundam” animated television series, the statue sits  intact at 18 meters high and was built at Shiokaze Park. The complete Gundam statue is estimated to weigh 35 tons, with a head that can move and emit light or mist from 50 parts of the body.

Because in Japan bigger really is better. Unless it’s car sizes in the subway….


8. At At Walker




Okay, so this might just be part of the Star Wars ride at Disney World Florida, but seeing a scale All Terrain Armored Transport emerging from the tree line like that is so cool we nearly forgot about the Star Wars prequels. Now we’ve remembered them again. SHIT!


7. Doctor Who Dalek

straw dalek


As anyone from Britain knows, the UK goes literally spazbalooey over anything Doctor Who related. We love the Doctor as a national sci-fi treasure, so when engineer Mike Harper and his team of volunteers put in an estimated 700 man hours to build a 35ft Dalek (the most famous of the Doctors Nemesis’), weighing in at little over six tonnes at  Snugbury’s near Nantwich in the summer of 2013, well the response was rather positive.

Literally hundreds of Whovians and lots of regular visitors not wearing a fez have flocked to marvel at the gargantuan straw creation and more threaten to, especially in light of the characters 50 year anniversary as the longest running sci-fi serial ever. Take that Star Trek!

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