7 Robocop Songs You Need To Hear

7 Robocop Songs You Need To Hear
Posted on: August 14th, 2013

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Before you go any further, I have an obligation to you as the writer of this article to inform you that: I am slightly obsessed with RoboCop a.k.a. the greatest film of all time.

The sequels, TV show, cartoon and TV movies are some of the worst atrocities ever committed in the name of entertainment, but the original is one of the best film of the 80′s, indeed of all time.

After I had hoovered up almost every piece of trivia based on the film I could find I needed a different fix. I’m a music fan, so the next step in becoming the most embarrassing robo-nerd in the world was to seek out songs that reference or pay tribute to that great cybernetic law enforcer.


Robocop on Guitar


Below is  a selection of 7 of the best ones:


7. N-Trance – Violent Mechanical Psychopath


N-Trance are one of the 90′s dance bands that released both classics of the era and horrific covers that should be thrown into a bottomless pit. For the latter reason I was very worried when I heard they sampled a line from RoboCop spoken by Ronny Cox as the villainous corporate executive Dick Jones. Luckily it’s a pretty banging tune that makes me want to shake a glow stick, wear baggy combats and chew my face off on Ecstasy tabs .


6. Sleeze Boyz – Robo Cop


Before Dr. Dre was flogging headphones on the TV or beating up female radio hosts he was programming drums for one of the cheesiest breakdancing songs in history. It features poetic and thought-provoking lyrics such as “RoboCop, dance til you drop” sung through a vocoder. You can almost smell the cheddar seeping through the speakers.

I love this kind of dated music but I’m betting most of you do not and will probably think I’m insane.


5. Mental Deficiency – Automated Law Enforcement Programming



I’m not going to compile a list of RoboCop songs and not include one by my own band. Yes, I know it’s incredibly vain. No, I don’t give a shit. The video above cost us about £1.50 and 1 hour to make. I’m quite proud as it clearly has the aesthetic of a video made for £3. If you want to hear a better recording of the song with heavier guitar, clearer vocals and crisper production check out the album version of Spotify.

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