7 Reasons Why Iron Man 3 Is The Best ‘Iron Man’

Posted on: April 29th, 2013

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Since Iron Man 3 hit screens it succeeded straight off in securing the critics/public vote though has proved divisive as the ever persnickety ‘fanboy’ fraternity were quick to go on the attack front, with a slew of criticisms aimed at director Shane Blacks irreverent take on some of their favorite characters and a movie that seemed more ‘Tony Stark’ than ‘Iron Man’.

BAD HAVEN are comic book fans and film fans, but were discerning fans foremost, and sometimes a films so good you just have to let some of the reverence to the source material slide. In the case of Iron Man 3 we thought this was an easy concession to make.

So here’s 7 reasons Iron Man 3 is by and far the Best Iron Man Movie so far:

Beware ****spoilers**** if you have not seen the movie.


In Some Ways Its A Better Dark Knight Rises

Than The Dark Knight Rises



We get to see a new side of Tony Stark in Shane Black’s threequel. This Stark may have been an integral part of saving the world from an alien invasion, but he’s still, in his own words “a man in a can”. Moreover, he’s a man in a can, who flew into another dimension and was temporarily KIA. The subsequent PTSD manifests itself in a number of ways, from obsessively tinkering with armour suits, to uncharacteristic panic attacks whenever anybody mentions “New York”.

It’s a more impressive display of a superhero confronting his own vincibility than Christian Bale’s limping, moping Bruce Wayne.


It’s Peppered With Shane Black-ism’s



By which I mean the kind of high tier wit and self awareness that essentially pioneered Blacks/the ‘buddy cop’ genre and gives the viewer an entertainingly ‘self referential’ insight into the characters themselves, that sets this movie above the bar from most comic book action movies.

The interactions between Tony and ‘The Kid’ alone are so self aware and funny that even though you as the viewer have a preconceived notion of how a standard genre piece with similar material would play out, Black plays with those preconceptions and serves you up something entirely fresh and painfully funny.

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