7 Coolest Cult Movie Bike Customizations

Posted on: September 24th, 2013

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There have been some extremely cool motorbikes used in Hollywood movies over the years, and although they look unreal because of their features and design, they do actually exist and some of them are even available for sale to the general public.

The hefty price at which they’re for sale isn’t usually within reach of your average customer however, so we can mostly only look at them in envy.

Let’s take a look at top 5 of films most epic awe-inspiring machines.


7. Custom Harley Davidson Chopper


ghost rider chopper



Ghost Rider (2007)


You must have seen quite a few classy choppers designed by Harley Davidson, but none can match the one custom made for Nicholas Cage for the role of Johnny Blaze, in the Hollywood flick “Ghost Rider”.

Stunt Rider Johnny is deceived into making a deal with the devil in order to save the life of his father, suffering from cancer. Once the deal is finalized, Johnny’s father dies in an accident, but he has to live the rest of his life under a curse which by night turns him into the vengeance biker Ghost Rider. Johnny is shown as a stuntman in the movie and performs various acts on his stunt bike, but the bike he uses as a Ghost Rider is completely different to the ones normally seen on the road.

It looks like a fire breathing dragon from Hell and was custom made for the movie, so it wasn’t made public. Unfortunately this beauty got replaced by another custom bike during the sequel of the Ghost Rider.


6. Adapted Suzuki GSX 750s Bike





Dredd (2012)

Dredd’s Lawmaster from Pete Travis and Alex Garlands dystopian smash, based on 2000 AD’s most bastardly law man’s ride was adapted from a Suzuki GSX 750s bike with an extended chassis to make the bike much longer and in order to accommodate the gigantic front section (implying a high-spec engine lay inside). It also housed a custom prop machine gun weapon either side for extra stopping power constructed of rubber, resin and metal.

The Lawmaster took part in the relentless opening chase sequence where Dredd engages a van full of Slo-Mo drug using perps and effectively blows them off the road with the bikes twin cannons.

Four of the bikes were at one time for sale on EBay at a mere £7,102.22.



5. Yamaha V-Max


Ghost Rider Bike revision



Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance (2011)


Four years after the release of Ghost Rider, Nicholas Cage reprised his role in the sequel. This time, he gets a mission assigned by a monk to save a child, who is under threat from the devil, who’s looking to assume human form.

Just like the previous flick, Cage/Blaze has got a special motorbike custom designed for him. He used a different vehicle last time around, but was outfitted with the 200bhp Yamaha V-Max for the sequel.

It is learnt that for some scenes, Kawasaki KX motocross bikes were also used. Nevertheless, the smoking, dirt encrusted custom made motorbike used by Cage again succeeds in appearing to have come straight from hell. The latest version of this monstrous motorbike, launched in 2013, is available at $22999, but the older versions are slightly cheaper.

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  • bassbar

    as much as i’d like to think of dredd as a smash i don’t think it can be described as such. i do love that movie tho

  • Guest

    The cool bike from “Just Boris!” of MIB3

  • Kayoss860

    How bout the bike from final fantasy. The one hat Cloud rides.

  • Pablo Sanchez

    need to ad the motorbike from the new robocop reboot