6 Movie Monsters Who Turned Out To Be The Films Hero

The Monster Squad
Posted on: September 11th, 2013

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This is an article that’s not going to please everybody. Hell, I’m not too pleased with it, because some of my favourite movie monsters couldn’t make the cut (next time Balrog!). The thing is, there are monsters that are cool, and there are monsters that you root for, but THEY ARENT THE HERO. So fans of the Xenomorphs or the Rancor are going to be disappointed. Unless the Rancor does some charity work that I’m not aware of, in which case, I apologise.







(SUPER 8, 2011)

The most recent example and it’s a tenuous one. The Super 8 alien, or Cooper, was captured by the US military after his ship crash landed in 1958 where he was tortured and imprisoned and experimented on for the next 21 years before a train crash getaway. For the majority of the film, all the audience knows is that something big escaped a train crash and has been stealing parts, kidnapping people and scaring away every cat and dog in the town. And yes, there is a scene where we see him eat a dude.

But for all that, after a heart warming speech from the protagonist telling him that bad things happen but its not the end of the world, he understands not all humanity are bastards, decides to not eat anymore people, lets the kids go, assembles a spaceship and blasts off on his merry way. Now would a villain do that?


5. The Terminator


arnolds chwarzenegger terminator 2



(Terminator 2: Judgement Day, 1991)

Yes, I know cyborgs aren’t really ‘monster’ monsters, but Terminators are definitely movie monsters. And the the T-800 was originally the villain in the 1984 The Terminator original, but his legacy as an anti-hero lives on thanks to the next two movies. We can all agree T3 was the worst but it shows our favourite cyborg (or a different version of him) picking up where his predecessor left off, playing bodyguard for John Connor.

T2 was his finest hour though (after the initial set up where we had no clue he was reprogrammed yet!), between bonding with bratty teenage John, reconciling with Sarah Connor (sort of ;again, its not the same ‘bot) and ultimately giving us one of the most memorable big-screen sacrifices of all time.

Thumbs up to you, sir.




4. Frankenstein





(The Monster Squad, 1987)

The daddy of all great monsters, Frankenstein was brought back to life as the key for Dracula’s plans to plunge the world into darkness in Fred Dekker and Shane Blacks forgotten kids horror classic The Monster Squad. And the Count might have succeeded too, if it weren’t for those pesky kids a.k.a. The Monster Squad led by teenage Sean and his best friend Patrick.

When Frank gets send to ‘take care’ of the kids by the dastardly Count and his growing army of monsters, Frank instead become friends with Sean’s 5 year old sister Phoebe, plays dress up and then gets taken in by the gang as one of their own. Not only is Mary Shelly’s recomposed dead guy instrumental in taking out Dracula, but he also saves everybody else’s ass in a teary eyed moment of slack jawed self sacrifice.

Literally the hero of the entire film.



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  • Iam_Spartacus

    Bub the “tamed” Zombie in Day of the Dead, turns the tables on the psycho soldiers that terrorized the civilians. He didn’t feed them their just deserts, he made them into just deserts.

  • Turo

    LMFAO! Sully…