5 Ways To Do A Punisher Movie Right

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Posted on: September 30th, 2013

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By now I’ll assume that all Punisher fans have seen Tom Jane’s fan made short “Dirty Laundry”. If not, shame on you but you can check it out here…….I’ll wait.

OK, if you’re just coming from watching the short then I’ll assume you are now sporting a massive erection and like every other Punisher fan out there are currently wondering “How the Hell did they make a perfect Punisher movie in 10 minutes when we’ve had 3 big(ish) budget attempts that have all been pretty disappointing/terrible?”

Now, that short has got the Interwebs in quite a tizzy as we all wonder is this a prelude to another movie and even if it isn’t, could it garner enough attention to make studios sit up and take notice of this character again.

The only problem is that it seems that Hollywood doesn’t quite know what to do with the Punisher. They just can’t seem to decide on some of the most important aspects of what makes the comics so great. Thankfully I’m a nice guy (and more importantly, want a great Punisher movie) so I’m going to give them a hand before they decide to ruin it again!


5. Not A Team Player



Just ask Wolverine about this one.

Obviously the first thought going through peoples head as they develop the movie will be “How do we fit this in with “Marvel: Phase 2” and could we shoehorn him into “The Avengers 2”. Resist this urge. Whilst, in the comics, Frank has run into many mainstream characters, he’d be out of place in an ensemble universe. Think about it, when Fury was using Agent Coulson’s death to unite The Avengers would Frank have burst out crying and said “We gotta do this for Coulson, that plucky little bastard”

Or would Frank have been quietly oiling his guns and thinking “Right, so the most powerful people on Earth, S.H.I.E.L.D, the army and the police are stopping an alien threat…..that pretty much gives me free rein to kill whoever I can find for the next 24 hours. YIPPEE”

*Note: He might not say Yippee but he’d have a big smile on his face…..


Em…..This is him smiling.


4. Don’t You Take That Tone With Me!

Also, the tone of the movie is very important. I’ve noticed something pretty strange when looking back at the movies (both based on Garth Ennis runs of the character). The first is loosely based on the Marvel Knights’ “Welcome Back Frank” series but retains little to none of its whimsy or craziness. Punisher: War Zone is based on Marvel Max’s series but somehow tries to squeeze in moments of levity that feel really out of place. Pick a source and stick to it, not just story-wise but thematically!


2008: punisher warzone

Now before I go in and start killing people, let’s have a moment of comradery and levity…..because that’s what Punisher fans really want!

I suggest going for a Max style story (Dark and gritty) with a mob bad guy (who perhaps hires a competent opponent to the Punisher) and seeing how Frank takes them all down using his smarts and lots of bullets. And if you’re going to try adding in a villain from the comics, tell them not to make the mistake of trying to out-Joker Heath Ledger.

punisher villainsWhy so….. seriously?

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