5 Ways Ghostbusters 3 Could Work

Posted on: June 21st, 2013

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A few weeks back we reported for the nth time that Ghostbusters 3 is on the horizon and its been bothering me ever since. If it were a person who had been “on the horizon” for this long a time, the subtext is that this person is trying to get away from you and you should have stopped following them by now. That or they’re a mirage and you’re an idiot for taking so long to cop on to that

As usual there’s a lot of sneery “ugh, who cares?” sentiment; and maybe that’s justified but it’s been 25 years since the last Ghostbusters installment, and each fresh red-herring announcement makes news and sparks discussion. It might be the exact same discussion you had the last ten times, but it still counts. Some of us still obviously care a great deal; and manifest this by screaming as loud as the Caps-Lock button will allow that you better not befoul our beloved memories of the Ghostbusters franchise by unnecessarily resurrecting and making a bollocks of it or so help me I’ll …probably go and see it then say stupid things like “You stole my childhood” (Honestly, twats who say that sort of thing deserve to actually have their childhood stolen by a nonce with a time machine, maybe then they’ll learn that hyperbole is best handled by professionals.)

This is all a testament though, to just how beloved and highly thought of the franchise was and is. What other property inspires this level of debate after this long? Whether you want the threequel or not, at least the creative team behind it haven’t tried to pitch it as a remake or a reboot at any point. We would have taken their scalps if they had, and they would have deserved no less. Even as I was writing the little news item about it though, a little voice in the back of my mind kept beseeching me:

“But… you loved the Ghostbusters! Aren’t you in any way hopeful? It could work. It could be wonderful, you know it could. Now poison the reservoir Steve…It could all be over in an evening… then only the blessed silence will remain…”

It’s a good thing I never listen to whole sentences from all those voices (especially that particular one. I think she was a murderous 11th century nun. Sister Gladys Contracepta or something like that she said her name was) but it did get me thinking, and a few possible ways Ghostbusters 3 could work presented themselves. You might not agree, and to be honest I have none of my usual conviction about any of them, but I choose to don the goofy trousers of speculation nonetheless.


5. Remember Where It Came From


dan aykroyd ghostbusters



Dan Ackroyd is the captain of this particular ship (With Harold Ramis and Ivan Reitman as his first mate and Quartermaster respectively), and so he should be. What set him apart from any other comedy actor turning his hand to writing, was that he was both genuinely enthusiastic about, and as well suited to writing about the subject in question as arguably anyone could be.

His father had written books on the paranormal and he had developed an interest in it accordingly from a young age; which was more than apparent in the script. It cleverly incorporated symbology, slightly tweaked myths of ancient civilizations and almost-but-not-quite plausible takes on pseudoscience to create a strong and engaging setting for the movies to take place.

Using actual historical figures as a jumping off points in the creation of the antagonists (Aleister Crowley and Anton LaVey to some extent inspired Ivo Shandor, While Vigo the Carpathian had elements of Rasputin and Vlad Tepes in the tales of his origin) gave them an extra dimension that would have been sorely missing had they merely been a clichéd evil spirit or genius loci of some well known monument or something similar, which would have been an easy route to take in such a New York-centric movie.

As the recent Ghostbusters video game extras demonstrated, Ackroyd has lost none of his passion for the paranormal, and has not cancelled his subscription to “New Scientist” either. In other words, he hasn’t thrown out the recipe. Provided the powers that be don’t start insisting that the latest go-to scriptwriter of the hour is allowed to overrule him, its not unthinkable that he could add another worthy installment to the Ghostbusters mythos.

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