5 Vampires You’d Definitely Let ‘Make You’

Posted on: May 3rd, 2013

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Being a 90′s kid, a massive influence throughout my adolescence was the utterly fantastic Joss Whedon with his gargantuan TV classics, Buffy The Vampire Slayer and Angel. It was a Friday night tradition for my whole family to get Chinese food and a feast of sweets to spend the evening together watching Buffy followed by Angel on Sky One.

Considering that, my fondness of the cartoon `Mona the Vampire` in my youth, and the fact that I was such a young sprout when both Blade and Underworld surfaced, it’s not really surprising that I’ve blossomed into a young woman who has a real taste for all things vampire. And by nature vampires are supposed to have exactly that effect.. intoxicating, enchanting and irresistibly attractive to us mere humans. Sex appeal wrapped in a violent, deliciously twisted ‘superior being’. It’s completely wrong but ..oh so right.



Let’s face it, there is just something overwhelmingly sexual and intensely consuming about vampires, and the bond between a vampire and their creator has had me spell-bound from a young age. `The Master` in Buffy is a perfect example. I’m not even embarrassed to say, whilst being incredibly disgusting and gross with a massive smooshed-up face, he still holds some inexplicable allure in the first series of Buffy. Pointy little gremlin ears and a squashed bulldog face, but undeniably mesmerising. I’m pretty sure if I had been let loose in Sunnydale during Season One, I would have clambered into that underground chamber to be willingly consumed by his powerful, ominous aura.

I would just let him curl those creepy pointy fingers round my neck , sink his teeth in and drain the life from me, transforming me into a creature of the night.

The relationship between the vampire and the creator is exactly what I want to explore in this piece. I’ve been considering which well-known vampires I would surrender my delicate, pale neck to in a bid for immortality and below is my top selection:


5. Spike


(Buffy The Vampire Slayer)

An obvious first-choice has to be Spike from Buffy. Whilst David Boreanaz might have stolen my heart as a youngster, watching episodes of Buffy as a grown up, Spike holds the real overwhelming appeal. Driving around ‘bad attitude’ style in his bashed up, blacked out car, absolutely pissed…that’s my kind of vampire.

With the signature wit of Joss Whedon molding an unforgettable character, mixed with James Marsters fantastically chiseled face, I would let Spike chew on my neck any day of the week. His relationship with Drusilla (his Achilles heal) was so peculiar and oddly attractive to me when I was younger, as was the beautifully macabre, destructive and all-consuming relationship between Darla and Angelus. Both Angelus and Spike hold a certain appeal, but I must admit this only really exists for when they’re evil and unburdened by a Soul.

We all love a cheeky bit of R-Patz, but nobody other than Bella Swan wants to be made by a good vampire. No souls allowed please!

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  • http://Geekshizzle.com/ TheFran

    Thank God you didn’t put the guy from twilight on here…. Good list, but Spike needs to go, and Lestat needs to be on here. Pretty much all of the main guys in Interview with a Vampire. If you read the books, even Armand seems pretty irresistible.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Fix06 Mark McCann

    Louis’ an asexual, tortured bore. Lestat I can understand, as he’s probably one of the baddest Vamps ever, but then this is more of a film/TV list and Lestat was better in the Rice Novels. Eric Northman though, yeah. I see your point :)

  • nate

    I second Lestat. Spike?!? Really?

  • Azzabar

    Where are LeStat and Louis??????????? They should be number one!

  • Em

    WHY THE HELL is Eric Northman not on this list?!? WHAT is wrong with you??

    • http://Geekshizzle.com/ TheFran

      Sookie’s mine!! Lol