5 Sci-Fi Pet’s You’d Love To Own In Real Life

Posted on: February 26th, 2013

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Pet’s in sci-fi are lesser spotted creatures, as usually droids and aliens are favored over animals in the far reaches of space or the fantastic, so it’s the rarity that any actually pop up. There are however, a few real standouts, and this article distills them into our ‘top 5′ that ‘we’ and so by extension ‘you’ would like to have at the foot of your bed in real life.

Well okay, so the title’s slightly misleading. You might quite like to own 3 of these pets. The other 2 would probably get you killed. In fact ‘they all’ have the potential to get you killed, but damned if they wouldn’t look cute while doing it.

Check them out after the jump:

5. Bubastis





Okay, so Bubastis, Adrian Veidt’s (A.K.A. Watchmen’s Ozymandias) genetically-engineered red and black-striped lynx (or a light blue-white colored in the movie) created as an experiment, doesn’t exactly get very much screen time in the movie. In fact she barley gets any, but that doesn’t stop ‘the smartest man on earths’ cool looking pet from capturing your imagination while either reading the comic or watching the movie.

Bubastis’ first appearance is when Laurie Juspeczyk and Jon Osterman visit Veidt at his Antartica retreat, Karnak. The lynx played an important part in Veidt’s life, acting as his sole giant moggy companion at Karnak. Kind of like Mike Tyson’s Tiger, only weirder and made by science, not just loads of misspent money. Sadly Bubastis would meet an untimely end getting incinerated when Veidt tries to snuff Doctor Manhattan in his atomic disruptor. It bothered the emotionally contained Veidt so much he even apologized slightly in advance.

Ironically Bubastis most amount of screen time would be on this parody of Watchmen as a Saturday morning kids TV show. And in this version she talks:


4. Ein ‘The Data Dog’

(Cowboy Bebop)



Ein is a Pembroke Welsh Corgi who had his intelligence greatly enhanced by an illegal research facility, thus his labeling as a “data dog.” What exactly was done to increase his intelligence is unknown, but throughout the Bebop series Ein displays rare glimpses of smarts while being pretty much as adorable as an animated corgi, her Maj the Queen’s fave poochie can get.

In the series Abdul Hakim stole Ein from the illegal facility he was enhanced in originally and the Bebop’s Spike Spiegel ended up with Ein while attempting to apprehend Hakim via a large ass-kicking. Ein’s been with the crew ever since, and while he can’t technically talk to display his smarts, in one episode in order to avoid having a human member of the Bebop crew be enlisted into the radical religious cult, S.C.R.A.T.C.H., Ein is put into the headgear that is used to link to the cult’s website. Within seconds of being logged into their virtual lobby, Ein himself hacks into the underground portions of the site.

That’s one smart flipping dog!

He can also tell when a mushroom is a ‘bad mushroom’

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